Which Whiskey Pairs Best with a Cigar?

whiskey in glassMost cigar smokers enjoy a libation to accompany their cigar. Whether it be spending quality time alone reflecting on life or socializing among friends during a backyard herf, we all appreciate an enjoyable experience. However, every drink doesn’t pair well with every cigar and choosing the wrong pairing will leave a negative impression in your mind and on your palate.

The individual palate is an interesting decipher when choosing the correct pairing. Below is a list of the five most popular cigar pairing whiskies enjoyed by cigar enthusiasts.



Jim Beam Black

jim beamWith a 93 rating, Jim Beam Black is the highest rated North American Whiskey.  Aged 8 years and bottled at 86 proof, Jim Beam Black is a spicy and sweet bourbon that pairs best with a Connecticut-wrapped cigar, such as the Nomad CT Fuerte, San Lotano Connecticut or Alec Bradley Connecticut.  The silky Connecticut wrapper produce a smooth and mild flavor that makes the cigars a perfect match for the bold taste of Jim Beam Black.






Buffalo Trace

buffalo traceBorn gold in color, this Bourbon brings a wide range of aromas from honey, oak,vanilla ,toffee, and hints of coriander. This masculine whiskey comes with a complex spicy mustiness, tobacco, overripe oranges, and a surprising smokiness that you don’t find in other brands. We suggest you pair the Buffalo Trace with a full- bodied cigar. The smoky tobacco notes of the whiskey will harmoniously marry the full-bodied flavors of the cigar to create a blissful pairing destined for a happy ending.




Woodford Reserve

woodford reserveWoodford Reserve is considered one of the greatest American bourbons ever produced. It is distilled using pot stills rather than the more widely used column stills, and the Woodford Reserve is aged in stone warehouses to control the complete maturation process. This aged drink matches perfectly with Padron Anniversario Serie 1926 #9 Natural Cigars The Padron is rated 97 by Cigar Aficionado, making it one of the highest rated cigars available today. This cigar is expensive; however, it’s one of the highest rated cigars you can buy. Couple it with an outstanding whiskey like Woodford Reserve and heaven is no match for this magical pairing.


Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select

Rodrigo Lancero with Jack Daniels Single BarrelOne would never believe that he/she was drinking Jack Daniels if it wasn’t etched on the bottle. This American whiskey is right up there with some of the best stuff that I have drunk.

Jack Daniels has one of the most distinctive flavor profiles in whiskey and this Single Barrel Select easily emerges as the company’s flagship bourbon. Bottled from a single barrel from the Jack Daniel distillery, each barrel is selected by the Master Distiller by its suitability as a stand- alone product before being bottled. This bourbon pairs perfectly with the Rodrigo Habano Clasico and Rodrigo La Fortaleza cigars. This combination is absolutely perfect. The woody, sweet tobacco notes of the whiskey complimented the Habano Clasico and La Fortaleza cigars perfectly.

Macallan 12-Year-Old Sherry Oak Scotch

macallan 12yoThis is the sherry wood matured 12 year old, a perfectly balanced affair that is arguably the best of its age group. Absolutely delicious and pairs well with almost any medium – full bodied cigar. I have yet to be disappointed by any of Macallan’s bottling.  I always find the aging processes of individual spirits interesting and it reveals a lot about the characteristics of the whisky. The Sherry Oak range is aged in Spanish oak casks whose wood has been dried in the north and south of Spain before sherry is aged inside, after which it is sent to the River Spey distillery to be used for the whisky. With every sip, I appreciate more and more the rich complexity and the superior finish this whisky offers. She is so smooth, so flavorful and so warm – perfect way to wind down a hectic day. This is my go-to drink for most of my smokes. It is very tasty, satisfying and reasonably priced. I paired this Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak Scotch whisky with a My Father Le Bijou 1922 cigar to create a beautiful pair. The tastes complimented each other perfectly to create an Ultimate smoking experience. I believe any medium – full bodied cigar will pair nicely with this Macallan.

Bonus: Our Friends over at Famous Smoke Shop have created a Cigar & Spirit Pairing Guide check it out!


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