What is so special about boutique brands? – Everything!

house of emilio gangLike a micro-brew or single malt scotch, a boutique cigar is like the jewel in an Ethiop’s ear- The gem of the cigar industry.

Many people often define ‘boutique cigars’ with a definitive production number. That is not accurate. What labels a cigar ‘boutique’ is the craftsmanship and passion behind the process. While it is true that boutique cigars are produced in far fewer quantities than the ‘main stream’, mass produced companies like Atlantis and General Cigar it is not the absolute definition of a boutique cigar.

Tobaccos utilized in boutique cigars like Ezra Zion  Nomad, Emilio Cigars, Guayacan, and more are available in limited quantities, therefore production must be limited. The cigar makers behind the boutique brands are ambitious and passionate about cigars. They personally scour the globe crawling through tobacco fields in search of high-quality leaves to create perfect blends that yield unique and savory flavors. Many of these young entrepreneurs have unique and creative visions of how the ultimate cigar should taste, and are willing to work tirelessly to realize their dreams.  As a result, new cigars of exceptional quality are being borne.

“There’s no question it’s a lot of hard work, but my driving force is passion,” said Gary Griffith founder of Emilio Cigars and House of Emilio. “You have to be willing to put in long hard hours but I believe success derives from sincerity.”

Boutique cigar makers do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Each cigar is often manually crafted with the utmostlamusa care and attention guaranteeing that the tobacco is utilized at its greatest potential. This painstaking attention to detail and refined production process is what cigar enthusiasts love about boutique brands. A box of boutique cigars will not be as uniform as mass produced sticks. This adds a personal touch that results in greater uniqueness between each stogie. Despite a lack of uniformity, you can rest-a-sure that these high-quality smokes will deliver a superb smoking experience.

Just as beer connoisseurs visit microbreweries and seek out the best tasting brews, cigar aficionados develop their palate and their cigar collections with boutique brands. When smoking a boutique cigar, you can gain satisfaction in knowing that the smoke has been produced with a more personalized approach than mass produced sticks.

Many of the industry’s leading boutique brands focus primarily on just a handful of cigar lines, introducing a new line every couple of years, if not longer. This special attention helps earn the enthusiast’s trust. For example, Nomad Cigars has only four lines available with its latest, Nomad Connecticut Fuerte, released just this month and Guayacan has just a single blend available in four vitolas.

lasirena pairDespite the surge in boutique brands, many smokers still walk into B & M shops unfamiliar with brands that line the shelves. Many of these top-shelf sticks rely on word of mouth; however, with the world-wide exposure that the Internet provides, more boutique brands are gathering steam as they forge ahead with successful lines and loyal fans.

The last half-decade or so has produced many new boutique cigar brands that are pushing the boundaries of flavor, construction, and strength.  For example, the AF1 by Emilio Cigars is a real flavor bomb that is to die for. And, the flavors from the Ezra Zion Jamais Vu are out of this world. If you have not tried a boutique cigar yet, it is definitely worth the experience.

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