The craze behind the trendy “Flavored” Cigars

bikini with tabakNo need to be embarrassed anymore. You are no longer a “girlie man” if you like flavored cigars. Most people equate flavored cigars with the machine made Black & Mild that is sold in virtually every convenience store across the country; therefore, flavored cigars were always frowned upon. That mindset has changed. Ever since Jonathan Drew founded Drew Estate and introduced its Acid line in 1995, smokers have been flocking to the good ol’ flavor stick because they infuse their premium cigars with flavors through oils in a slow, natural aging process. The slow, painstaking process creates an aroma and flavor unlike anything you have experienced. The company’s tagline says it all, “the rebirth of cigars”.

Drew Estate brought a unique element to the cigar industry with unique tobaccos and infusions that attracted new cigar enthusiasts to my favorite pastime, and they continue pushing the limit with new additions to their line. Now a bunch of manufacturers boarded the ban wagon but most don’t hold a candle to the King of Flavor.

Like most cigar connoisseurs, I was embarrassed to admit that I smoke flavored cigars on occasion. I was a closeted smoker when I was caught red handed by one of my friends who outed me the next day. I couldn’t deny it anymore. I was a secret smoker of flavored cigars and I liked them. Low and behold, it was revealed a few days later that he, too, smoked flavored stogies. That rat bastard. Boy it felt good to be out.

These premium flavored cigars appeal to both traditional aficionados as well as a new generation of cigar enthusiasts searching for something “different.” You know those youngsters have to be different; they can’t be like Ol’ Ash and follow the rules.

It is safe to say that flavored cigars have moved beyond a fad and remain a fixture in the cigar world and my humidor for that matter. I only smoke flavored cigars once in a while because I love strong, full-bodied cigars but sometimes I’m feeling a mild, flavored cigar. There I said it, it has been officially revealed to the world that I smoke flavored cigars.

My favorite flavored cigar is Drew Estate’s Tabak Especial Negra. See my review on the Tabak Especial and I’m sure you will fall in love as well. Drew Estate dominates the market of flavored cigars, with CAO its biggest competitor. CAO makes a couple of good ones, but none seem to compare to Drew Estate who does it right. Cigars International carries an exclusive line called, CI Legends. The Legends are made by top manufacturers like Rocky Patel, Perdomo, AJ Fernandez, Drew Estate and more. The CI Legend Copper Label is made by Drew Estate, and boy is it lip-smackin’ good.

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