Tabak Especial Negra – Toro

If you read my blog on the flavored cigar craze, then you already know that Drew Estate is the top dog when it comes to infused cigars. If you haven’t read the blog yet, check it out.

I am not big into flavored cigars. They are never a staple in my regular rotation of smokes; however, I do like to puff on a sweet, tasty dessert once in a while. Once again Jonathan Drew nailed it with this unique and delicious coffee infused treat.

I stumbled upon this cigar while flipping through the “mash up” session on my Cigar Monster app while I pretended to listen to my wife bitch about how I don’t pay enough attention to her, ironic I know. Anyway, the write-up was too good to refuse so I gave this “flavored” stick a shot. I bit the bullet and bought a five pack of the Toro size for like 20 bucks.

I let them rest for a few months in one of my humidors before I finally fired one up and instantly fell in love. To be honest, I was completely taken back by how good the cigar really was. Before this Tabak, the only other flavored cigars I smoked were the ACIDs once in a while and a CI Legend Copper Label, which is manufactured by Drew Estate and exclusively sold by Cigars International.  The Tabak has them all beat.

The Tabak Especial Negra is cloaked in a succulent, dark, maduro wrapper that screams, “eat me” from the moment you lay eyes on it. A striking and unique feature of the wrapping is the cigar’s “shaggy foot”. Before you ask, let me explain. A cigar with a shaggy foot means that the filler tobacco leaves extend farther than the wrapper, hence creating a shaggy foot. It is a unique look that many smokers enjoy. Like most rolling techniques, this shaggy foot serves a purpose. By constructing a stogie like this, it allows the smoker to savor the flavors of the filler and binder before the flame ignites the wrapper. This usually creates richer flavors that tickle your taste buds from the get go. It also helps stabilize an even burn throughout the smoke and is very easy to ignite. The shaggy foot doesn’t need much of a toast. The pre-lit aroma is sweet and full of rich espresso coffee. The velvety smoke was heavenly. The draw and flavors remained consistent throughout the smoke and the aroma was blissful. My man cave smelled like a coffee beanery.

I was so impressed by this cigar that I took a chance and introduced it to my father-in-law a few days later. He is that typical old world cigar smoker who believes flavored cigars are for girls. Who’s the girl now Pops. I tricked him into smoking it. I didn’t tell him it was a flavored stick and the naïve chap couldn’t tell the difference. Of course, he liked it while agreeing with me that it is a great tasting cigar but he, too would only be able to smoke it once in a while.  A treat if you will.

This is a creamy, sweet, light cigar that tastes great. It offers a mild, sweet taste that burrows deep into your taste buds for a long lasting finish that I enjoyed immensely. This cigar is masterfully crafted from Esteli-grown long-leaf tobaccos infused with Nicaragua’s finest coffee beans. That’s right; they use real coffee beans to create the savory flavor that melts in your mouth like gourmet chocolate. Give one a try even if you think you are not a “flavored” cigar guy. These masterfully infused cigars have changed the “flavored” industry forever.

This cigar is best paired with your favorite coffee beverage. I had it with a double espresso sweetened with Sambucca.


Made by Drew Estate

Wrapper: Connecticut broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua Esteli

Strength: Mild

Price: $7.00

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  1. TriMarkC

    Another tasty cigar! Personally, these are great early weekend morning with a nice cup of steaming dark, rich, black coffee!

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