Sizzlin’ Sunday Top 10 Sexiest Cigar Girls of 2014

cigar vixenThere were some very sexy Sizzlin’ Sunday women featured here on in 2014 so this was a very difficult task. The results are based mostly on page views and reader feedback but ultimately the final tally was my decision. The list starts with number 10 and works its way down to THE Sexiest Sizzlin’ Sunday Cigar Girl of 2014. As always, reader feedback and comments are welcomed as long as they are tasteful.



#10 Veronica from California veronica

Meet Veronica, an adorable 26-year-old sister of the leaf from California. She is an intoxicating dame who was born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Guam after her family, who is from the Philippines, moved there before she turned one. Veronica’s rich heritage, luring beauty and obsession with cigars make her an irresistible force to gentlemen around the globe. It is rare for a young, beautiful fashionista like Veronica to favor cigars as much as fashion, but that is the case with this cutie.


#9 Lauren Mauzy from Southern Florida

L_money27Meet Lauren Mauzy, AKA @L_money27, a beautiful gal of Peruvian and German decent who hails from southern Florida.  This devilish dame is as brilliant as she is beautiful. Lauren is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish, and holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in business and the other in economics. She is an aspiring entrepreneur who is in the process of starting her own business called, Cigars and Fashion.



#8 Xinia from Canadaxinia11

Meet Xinia, a gorgeous 38-year-old cigar aficionada who was born in El Salvador but has lived in Canada since she was 10 years old. Xinia is a single mother to an 11-year-old girl who enjoys smoking cigars every weekend, but treats herself to a smoke every now and then during the week as well.


#7 Tia Calhoun from Pennsylvania

Tia CalhounMeet Tia Calhoun, an eccentric gal from Lansdale, Pennsylvania who doesn’t like to play by the rules. She is a beautiful 31-year-old gal with a body to die for. Her striking physique is radiated by a picture-perfect face and a killer body that features shapely legs that seem to extend for miles.

This sister of the leaf began smoking cigars about seven years ago, around the same time she started working in the industry. Tia is currently an assistant manager for the Horsham, Pennsylvania location of Cigar Cigars, a cigar lounge with nine locations sprinkled throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.



#6 Vanessa from NYC

girls with cigarsMeet Vanessa Moises, a gorgeous gal with killer curves, bedroom eyes and an unyielding love affair with cigars.  This 33-year-old sister of the leaf was born in the Dominican Republic but raised in Bronx, NYC. She is a tantalizing temptress who is more than a pretty face pinned to the wall of some testosterone-filled cigar shop.  She is the devilish dame nestled in the corner of the lounge, sunk in an over-sized leather chair with her seductive lips locked around a premium stick smoking with the boys.




#5 Jenine from Canada

jenine wileyMeet Jenine Wiley, a 32-year-old sister of the leaf from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This smoking beauty has been smoking cigars for the past few years and takes great pleasure in relaxing with a comforting stick to free her mind of the day’s stress. Jenine loves to traval. She smokes cigars whenever she is on vacation, but also makes it a point to enjoy an occasional stick during a girls’ night out.




#4 Olivia from Youngstown State University

Olivia ToriskMeet Olivia Torisk, a beautiful 18-year-old Greek goddess from Youngstown, Ohio.  This striking dame is definitely not the typical teenage girl. She started smoking cigars about a year ago and has already developed a refined palate. Her vast knowledge and undying love for the leaf accentuates her model-esque physique. Olivia is a student at Youngstown State University where she is majoring in advertising and public relations, but instead of studying at the university library, Olivia spends most of her time ensconced in an over-sized leather armchair at the Havana House cigar lounge. Her lips are usually locked around her favorite cigar, Padron 1964 Aniversario Principe Maduro.


#3 Janell from Ohio

JanellMeet Janell, a 46-year-old bombshell from Columbus, Ohio who has taken the cigar industry by storm with her bedroom eyes, succulent curves and love affair with cigars. This lady of the leaf is not just a pretty face pinned to the wall of some testosterone-filled cigar shop.  She is the devilish dame nestled in the corner of the lounge, sunken in an over-sized leather chair with her lips locked around a premium cigar smoking with the boys.To couple her newly found passion for cigars with a longstanding adoration for the beach, Janell has found an exciting way to fuse the two together.



#2 Karla from Florida

Karla LivingstonMeet Karla Livingston, a gorgeous 28-year-old sister of the leaf from Fort Myers, Florida. She has a rich passion for art and is a successful art dealer and photographer who has exploded on the cigar scene. Her seductive eyes, beautiful face and impeccable style make her damn near irresistible. Karla has been smoking cigars ‘on and off’ for quite a while but it wasn’t until this year that she developed a serious love affair with them. At this point her adoration is undeniable, for she smokes every weekend.



#1 Delicia the Cigar Vixen from California

cigar vixen2Meet Delicia the Cigar Vixen, a dazzling dame with a gorgeous smile, succulent curves, and an unyielding love affair with cigars.  This lady of the leaf may very well be the perfect woman in all facets of the imagination. Delicia loves her cigars and enjoys everything about them – the taste, the aroma, the smoke and the culture that surrounds them. It is no secret that the Cigar Vixen brings plenty of sex appeal to the leaf and she is a pleasant treat at the cigar lounges and special events where she often frequents as an invited guest. Before she launched her website,, Delicia was a professional model full time but now she is more selective with her modeling gigs. Nowadays cigars consume her life. She travels the globe studying the art of tobacco at cigar factories and lounges where she gains priceless knowledge about the industry.

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3 Thoughts to “Sizzlin’ Sunday Top 10 Sexiest Cigar Girls of 2014”

  1. Lancero Arsonist (@wm2slc)

    Agree with all.. of course #1 is an awesome lady. One you might want to consider next year is Jaxx Guevarra that manages La Casa Cigar Lounge in Las Vegas.. Great cigar lady and great B&M manager

  2. This article hit the nail on the head in choosing Delicia as the #1 Sexiest Cigar Girl. It’s one thing to be sexy and like cigars as an after thought. But Delicia is so much more than sex appeal. She has a head on her beautiful shoulders, and she comes across as not only extremely attractive, but incredibly intelligent and easy to listen to. If she decided to launch a daily TV show about cigars and the cigar culture, and I think it would be an enormous hit. She is far too big for youtube, that’s for sure. Delicia is the best thing to happen to the cigar community in a very long time (setting aside the opening of Cuba thing!).

  3. fear todóg

    Congratulation Tia Calhoun on your list as a Sexist Cigar gal 2014 yrs your are the hottest and beautiful vixen. See you in Cigar Cigar

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