Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Natasha from Switzerland

Natasha NicolazziMeet Natasha Nicolazzi, an elegant woman with class, beauty and ambition. She was born in Upper-Valais, Switzerland, a righteous, region where divorce and abortion are unheard of and female cigar smokers are shunned. Therefore, at the ripe age of 23, this rebellious beau moved south to the French-speaking region, Lake Geneva where she currently resides more than 25 years later.

“As a kid I got used to traveling and being in connection with gentlemen of high society,” said Natasha. “I learned to appreciate the Natasha Nicolazzinice smell of cigars at an early age.”

After 27 years of working in banking, import/export and technical documentation and translation, this raving beauty started her own business of planning luxury events held at five-star hotels. Included in her undertakings was the creation of the very prestigious cigar club called, Che Guevara-Swiss Cigar Club.

Natasha is a stunning dame who savors every ounce of life. In addition to her adoration for cigars, she loves relaxing in a rocking chair while smoking a pipe, navigating the open sea in her sail boat, Natasha Nicolazziand frolicking on the beach in her skimpy bikinis. She also loves water sports, skiing and reading.

Natasha has been smoking cigars for the past 25 years and usually indulges in at least one cigar per day, but during her events that number climbs to four or more.

“After my first cigar, a Dominican Robusto, I got addicted,” said Natasha.

Female cigar smokers are not as accepted in Switzerland as they are in the United States. Females who smoke cigars in Switzerland tend to be ‘closeted’ and out of the public eye for fear of being scrutinized.

“For the longest time, I did not meet other women smoking Natasha Nicolazzicigars in public here in Switzerland, even now it is very rare,” Natasha said.

Without a doubt, Natasha is a marvel who adds plenty of sex appeal to the industry.

“Referring to the comments I get on my pictures and the looks that I get while smoking a cigars in lounges, I am convinced that I do add sex appeal,” she said. “Men always think that I have a sexy look the way I smoke and lick over my lips to fully enjoy the taste of my cigar.”

Natasha enjoys smoking cigars in a ski chalet cozied up next to a burning fire, on a terrace overlooking Lake Geneva and in her favorite lounge, The Speakeasy – Private Cigar Circle. When smoking she loves to pair her sticks with a Nicolazzimorning coffee or an after dinner cognac.

“It always depends on the moment or the mood. I prefer coffee in the morning and rum, cognac, Armagnac, or whisky with a full-bodied cigar late in the afternoon or evening,” Natasha said.

El Che Guevara-The Swiss Cigar Club is planning a large event in New York City in May or June, 2015 that will feature extremely rare, special cigars. More details to follow.





Natasha Nicolazzi

natasha Nicolazzi

Natasha Nicolazzi

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