Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Sarah from Arizona

SarahMeet Sarah, a 26-year-old hometown hunny from the quaint town of Yuma, Arizona. She has exploded on the cigar scene with her sweet eyes, adorable face and love affair with cigars. This lady of the leaf is not just a pretty face pinned to the wall of some testosterone-filled cigar shop.  She is the devilish dame nestled in the corner of the lounge, sunk in an over-sized leather chair with her lips locked around a premium cigar smoking with the boys.

Sarah has been smoking cigars since she was 18 years old, but it wasn’t until she turned 21 and landed a part-time job at a local cigar shop that her adoration fully developed. Now she smokes cigars several times per week.Sexy Legs

“It was my second or third day on the job when a Perdomo representative introduced me to their Reserve Champagne,” said Sarah. “I had a wonderful conversation about how a lounge is an escape that brings great conversation and camaraderie. That conversation stuck with me still to this day.”

To couple her passion for cigars she relies on her culinary expertise to prepare her palate with a fine home-cooked meal she always creates from scratch. Sarah also enjoys road trips, hiking and spending quality time with her dearest friends.

“I love to spend weekends in San Diego going cigar lounge hopping or cruising around in the car with a great smoke and a good playlist,” she said.

sexy sarahSarah prefers to smoke Maduro wrapped cigars but she is opening to trying anything to expand her palate. Her favorite cigar is the Behike 54 because, “The smoothness, beauty, smell and taste of that cigar is magical.” She also fawns over Padron and Davidoff Nicaragua.

“Generally for a ‘go to cigar’ anything Padron never disappoints.”Sarah

Despite her humble attitude, there is no question that Sarah brings plenty of sex appeal to the leaf and she is a pleasant treat at the cigar lounges that she frequents including Cesar’s Cigar Lounge, Churchill’s in Old Town San Diego and Habanos near down town San Diego.

“I usually do get a little attention from it,” said Sarah. “But, I hate the perception that women don’t smoke cigars. I can hold my own and usually smoke stronger cigars than most men I know. For some reason most cigar smoking men find that pretty attractive.”

It is definitely fair to say that Sarah deserves the honor of being the ‘Sizzlin’ Sunday Cigar Babe’ of the week.

“I love cigars, the culture and the people that go along with it,” she said. “My dream job would is owning my own lounge one day. Also within the next two years I hope to travel to several cigar factories to learn everything that goes into making a wonderful cigar.”

sexy legs

Sarah with cigarSarah

“Most of the time my favorite drink to pair with a cigar is either an IPA or other dark lager.”


sarah with gunsarah with cigar

“I have a weakness for the bold and strong.”



“I just hate the perception that women don’t smoke cigars.”

Sexy Sarah


sarah and boss

“I love cigars and the culture and the people that go along with it.”





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2 Thoughts to “Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Sarah from Arizona”

  1. Hello Sara,

    My name is Dee Evans and I am the found president of Ash Hole Cigar Club here in Arizona. We are a new club and we are true supporters of women who smoke cigars. We know that the hobby is dominated by men, but we also know that there are tons of women who enjoy a cigar. Our club tries to attend as many events as we can to meet new people in the hobby. If you are going to be attending any events coming up next year, it will be cool to meet you. Please forgive me if this email seems creepy, but all of our members are married men and my wife goes to all of the event with me. Our club is not out to pick up on women but to show that women do smoke cigars just as much as men. Thank you for your time and I hope to here from you soon.

    Dee Evans
    Founding President
    Ash Hole Cigar Club

  2. Love the post! Surprised to see someone else out of Yuma!

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