Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring HaiDera from Detroit

MsCigarChicMeet HaiDera, a 34-year-old cigar beauty from Detroit, Michigan who has been smoking cigars for nearly a decade. She was first introduced to cigars 10 years ago, but has been a self-confessed ‘closet smoker’ up until two years ago.

“I’ve been enjoying cigars for about 10 years but for years I was a closet smoker,” said HaiDera. “It wasn’t until the last two years that I became open and more social. My friend got me into them and I would only smoke with him in his boat once a year.”
HaiDera, who aspires to create her own cigar brand, now smokes cigars about three times a week, usually on her back patio where she likes to ‘decompress’ after a long day at work. When not smoking cigars, this cigar diva enjoys shopping, traveling, firearms, sports and of course makeup.

It is no secret that HaiDera, brings plenty of sex appeal to the leaf and sheMsCigarChic is a pleasant treat at her local cigar haunts.

“I do feel that I add sex appeal to the cigar industry that is dominated by men. Women tend to take a back seat to our guilty pleasure for fear of men saying, ‘women take everything from us,’” HaiDera said. “I think women are sexy because we step outside the box more often than men. We do what isn’t expected of us.”

HaiDera is a social gal who enjoys gathering with other smokers at her local cigar lounges where she can smoke her favorite brand, Rocky Patel. Her favorite Cuban cigar brands are H. Upman and Montecristo. Overall, she prefers smoking maduro cigars because she enjoys a ‘thick, strong smoke.’

“Cigar lounges are great when I want to herf with my cigar friends and catch a game on the big screen,” she said. “My favorite cigar brand is Rocky Patel but my favorite flavor infused cigar is the Drew Estate MsCigarChicJava Maduro.”

When it comes to cigar pairings, HaiDera tends to lean toward red wine, Merlot preferably, and coffee.

HaiDera has two local cigar lounges that she likes to visit in and around the Motor City.

“Locally here in Michigan I have my two favorite lounges, Don Yeyo Cigar Factory and La Casa de la Habana,” she said.

HaiDera describes Don Yeyo Cigar Factory as her version of the 1980s television show, “Cheers” where everyone knows each other by their first name. In contrast, La Casa de la Habana is a more up-beat lounge where they ‘dial it up a bit’.

“At La Casa de la Habana you can enjoy live music. mscigarchicThey also have a private VIP lounge as well,” said HaiDera.

To learn more about HaiDera and her journey through the cigar industry, you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, @Mscigarchic for all three outlets.

“The cigar industry, which I didn’t realize was so large, is a very close knit family that is truly unique,” said HaiDera. “Since being on social media I’ve learned so much and met some great people. We are a culture that truly stands alone.”







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