Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Olivia – Youngstown State Univ.

5 Meet Olivia Torisk, a beautiful 18-year-old Greek goddess from Youngstown, Ohio.  This striking dame is definitely not the typical teenage girl. She started smoking cigars about a year ago and has already developed a refined palate. Her vast knowledge and undying love for the leaf accentuates her model-esque physique.

“I just got curious one day and decided to try them,” said Olivia. “After my first cigar, which was an Alec Bradley Black Market, I just wanted to try more and learn more.”

Olivia is a student at Youngstown State University where she is majoring in advertising and public relations, but instead of studying at the university library, Olivia spends most of her time ensconced in an over-sized leather armchair at the Havana House cigar lounge. Her lips are usually locked around her favorite cigar, Padron 1964 Aniversario Principe Maduro. When she is not fraternizing at the lounge or studying with her schoolmates, Olivia enjoys running, cooking, studying Arabic and learning more about her Greek heritage.

“Next to enjoying a good cigar, my favorite thing to do is cook,” she said. Olivia Torisk“I especially love cooking Greek food and baking Greek pastries. I try bringing pastries to the Havana House as often as possible.”

Olivia, who smokes a cigar every day, may very well be the quintessential woman in all facets of the imagination. There is no doubt that she is dripping with sex appeal. Her luring body, electrifying smile and zest for life create an intoxicating pantomime of perfection.

“When I first started smoking cigars I didn’t realize the attention I attracted,” said Olivia. “In fact, I was actually quite shy about it for a while. I didn’t realize the attention that I was attracting was somewhat positive.”

She went to say, “Cigars themselves are beautiful and sexy. If someone thinks me smoking a cigar is Youngstown State Universitybeautiful and sexy, that’s great. It is not about looking sexy while doing it for me; it is about loving cigars and loving life.”

Olivia feels that she consumes a piece of art every time she smokes a cigar. She respects the culture and relishes in the lifestyle. In fact she often entertains the idea of professing that love with her own television show.

“My totally ridiculous dream/fantasy is to be a cigar smoking, scotch drinking Martha Stewart,” said Olivia. “Picture a TV show that starts out as a regular cooking show but after the meal is over I migrate to my porch, pull a cigar from my humidor, light it up and discuss what makes this particular cigar so special while enjoying a glass of scotch.”

Like most experienced cigar smokers, Olivia feels that brothers and sisters of the leaf share a common bond and together they worship beautiful, hand-crafted pieces of earth that were skillfully created for the pleasure of consummation.

“Most cigar smokers recognize this, so I believe cigar smokers just appreciate life and College Girl Smoking Cigarpleasure in general,” Olivia said.

It is not often that a woman romanticizes the leaf in such a way that Olivia does. But, her adoration for the leaf is beyond compare. Her idyllic evening includes cigars, booze and sports.

“An ideal night for me would involve going to a small bar with a lot of character, smoking a stogie and watching the game with someone dear to me,” she said.

It is definitely fair to say that Olivia Torisk deserves the honors of being the ‘Sizzlin’ Sunday Cigar Babe’ of the week.


College GirlsOlivia Torisk“I look in my box of cigar bands and appreciate the time I spent smoking that particular cigar and the experience I had.”

Girl smoking Cigarclassy girl smoking cigar

“Life is too short not to be smoking the best.”

Olivia Torisk


“My favorite cigar is Padron 1964 Aniverasario. It always leaves me feeling satisfied.”




“I like my cigars on the moist side.”

OliviaOlivia“It’s not about looking sexy while smoking, for me it is just about loving cigars and loving life.”




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