Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Marquitta from Dallas, Texas

IMG_16614623279023Meet the Cigar Art Queen, Marquitta Grant Jackson. She is a 38-year-old cigar beauty from Dallas, Texas who has been smoking cigars for more than a decade. She was first introduced to cigars in the year 2000 by her uncle, but gained her vast knowledge from industry legends Pete Johnson, Matt Booth, Mike Ditka, and Dr. Martinez of Joya de Nicaragua.

“My love for Cigars started from my Uncle. I saw him smoking and enjoyed the aroma and taste of the Cigar Leaf.”

Marquitta, who smokes cigars every day, is most famous for Cigar Art Queenbeing the subject of ultra sexy cigar paintings that flaunt her curvy body, adorable face and adoration for the leaf. She has been featured many times in the nude with just a cigar in her mouth.

“What I want to bring to the Cigar Industry is to show that I am an African/ Native American woman who will show the world that I have a deep passion and love for the leaf by showing this in Cigar Art and Muse,” said Marquitta.

It is no secret that Marquitta brings plenty of sex appeal to the leaf and she is a pleasant treat at her local cigar haunts.

“I know I bring sex appeal to the cigar industry. People enjoy watching me smoke and post Cigar Art Queenphotos of my experiences with cigars,” said Marquitta. “Cigars are an art.”

Marquitta is a social gal who enjoys gathering with other smokers at her local cigar lounges where she can smoke her favorite brands, Rocky Patel Royale, LFD Digger, Brickhouse, Jaime Garcia, Camacho, Zino and Ramrod. She loves to pair her sticks with Bulliet Bourbon.

Some of her favorite lounges to patronize in the Dallas area are Addison Cigars, Cigar Warehouse, Elite Cigars, and Cigar Art Oak Cliff.

“My life will forever be dedicated to inspire everyone through cigars and cigar art,” Marquitta said.


Marquitta Grant Jackson

Marquitta Grant Jackson

Marquitta Grant Jackson

Cigar Art Queen

Cigar Art Queen Marquitta

marquitta grant jackson

cigar art queen

Marquitta Grant Jackson

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