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IMG_0093Royal Gold Cigars, the premium cigar division of Swisher, was borne in early 2013 and collaborated with Drew Estate on its latest blend, Nirvana, released in January, 2014.

From Royal Gold Cigars Website:

“The story of NIRVANA by Drew Estate begins with rich plantation tobaccos from the most precious and fertile growing regions in the North of Nicaragua and Cameroon, Africa. The dark, rich and heavy soil of the renowned Esteli district makes the filler leaves come to life in this distinct blend. A silky and voluptuous Cameroon wrapper completes this epic narrative in a blend that we can proudly describe as luxuriously full-bodied, yet naturally sweet and spicy.”

Being that this cigar is new to the market, many smokers may not be too familiar with her. Thanks to Alex Goldman, President of Royal Gold Cigars, and his generous gift I had the opportunity to be one of the first evaluators.

These smokes are produced at Drew Estate’s La Gran Fabrica in Esteli, Nicaragua, which currently produces 95,000 hand-rolled cigars per day and is best known for producing the acclaimed Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID and Herrera Esteli lines.

The Cameroon wrapper is an extremely delicate and fragile leaf known for its sweetness and natural spice, and this lovable Latina did not disappoint.

When Nirvana first arrived at my doorstep, I was instantly swept off my feet, for she was dressed to impress. She was delicately clad in a medium brown, almost cinnamon colored Cameroon wrapper that clothed a Mexican San Andreas Negro binder and Nicaraguan fillers from the Esteli and Jalapa regions along with a portion from the Jamastran region of Honduras. She was accessorized nicely with an elegant red, white and gold band that screamed class and a second band seductively wrapped around her foot.  Her body was nice and nirvana2firm with just the right amount of give. And, she smelled just as alluring as she looked. Her pre-lighted perfume emitted inviting scents of sweetness, spice, dried fruits and hints of coffee.

Temptation got to the best of me and I could no longer hold back my intentions, so I grabbed a hold of this bombshell, gently warmed her foot and primed her for action. Like a coy mistress, she was a bit shy at first. It took her a little while before she was ready to play but once she got going she knew how to keep me company. Early on I tasted that sweetness I expected along with the natural spice of her Cameroon wrapper. As I advanced farther into the first third of our tryst, her kiss tasted creamy with a bit of cocoa and cedar blended in her.

The middle of our rendezvous was much like the latter portion of our opener but without the foreplay. By this point, she was in full swing, surrendering herself to the moment.

I really enjoyed the spicy sweetness that fused beautifully with the woody, nuttiness that followed on the back end. The black pepper and dried fruit of the wrapper was the perfect compliment to the cedar and nuttiness of the fillers. The Cameroon wrapper allowed the rich flavors to come through, evoking a perfect blend.

This dame’s construction was flawless and her perfect, tight ash spoke for itself. The long ash climbed to about two inches or so before it deposited itself at the bottom of the ash tray, still firm and intact. Her screams of smoke filled my cigar cave with clouds of sweet aromatic fragrances that smelled much like her pre-lighted perfume. What an impressive and sweet young lady who was borne to please. Her strength was on the milder side for my personal taste, but I would say she was a medium-bodied babe full of flavor.

The nightcap was pretty consistent with the rest of our evening together, with very little change in flavors or strength. She continued to burn with perfection and her flavors left an enjoyable spicy sweetness on my palate. Her finish definitely captivated me, leaving me thirsting for more.

Nirvana was not the Drew Estate powerhouse that many aficionados have become accustomed to; however, she was a typical Cameroon wrapped Latina – sweet, spicy, and flavorful. I genuinely enjoyed this intriguing collaboration by Royal Gold Cigars & Drew Estate and look nirvanaforward to a second date in the near future.

I paired this cigar with a Shock Top Belgian White Beer because of the sweet Cameroon Wrapper. The pairing was heavenly. This Belgian White brew complimented the natural sweetness of the Cameroon wrapper perfectly.


Made by Royal Gold Cigars/ Drew Estate

Wrapper: African Cameroon

Binder: Mexican – San Andreas Negro

Filler: Nicaraguan – Esteli & Jalapa regions and Honduran – Jamastran

Stength: Medium

Price: $11.00

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