Nomad Connecticut Fuerte – Robusto

nubA nice mild-medium smoke with a little kick that could be enjoyed any time of day

The Connecticut Fuerte is the third core line released by Nomad Cigar Company since the company’s inception in 2012 by founder, Fred Rewey. The CT Fuerte is hand rolled in the Dominican Republic at the Tabacalera L & V where his self-title blend, Nomad is also made.

From Nomad’s website:

“For nearly two years now I have sought to release a blend with a Connecticut wrapper. Heck, that seemed easy enough. The blending of a Connecticut cigar reminded me of just how much I have to learn – and I already knew I had a lot to learn. The entire process, which I thought was going to be easy, knocked me on my ass. It was frustrating, exciting, challenging, and elusive. The fact of the matter, as I mentioned I learned a bit earlier, I was fighting the tobacco – trying to force it into being something it was not. I know how esoterically artistic that sounds but it is the truth. I have learned the blending process is more an art than a science.”

It was early in the afternoon when I felt like having a smoke. I was sitting in my backyard tossin’ a few back when I realized I was missing a companion, a flavorful Latina. After thumbing through my humidor for a bit I stumbled upon another primo selection from the House of Emilio – Nomad Connecticut Fuerte.

CT Fuerte looked delicioso. She was flaunting a classic golden brown Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper nomadwith a silky smooth, slightly oily complexion.  Without hesitations, I invited her to join me on my patio for an afternoon rendezvous which she graciously accepted. My roaming hands immediately started to caress her firm 5 x 50 frame, seducing her with the ol’ squeeze test. Her alluring body was impeccable, flawless from head to foot. It was firm with a slight ‘give’ that brought about a devious smile to my face. Beneath her robe lay an Ecuadorian Habano binder that enveloped Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers. Her silky smooth flesh was bejeweled with a bold red and black band that proudly displayed her name in large white font.

Her pre-lighted perfume of barnyard, hay and herbal spice whetted my appetite until the cold draw of sweet tobacco and vanilla revealed even more elicit temptations. When I finally stopped groping her, I gently toasted her foot and softly kissed her shoulder before taking a couple deep puffs – mmmmm, a very creamy, sweet tobacco flavor with just the right amount of spice to get my motor running.

The initial few puffs were pleasant and memorable. She offered a light spiciness that coupled harmoniously with cream, sweet tobacco and nuts. Her peppery spice was not overpowering by any means, but rather a nice surprise that her Connecticut sisters don’t offer. She was a modern-day woman by all accounts – feisty and playful yet sophisticated and independent. Her perfect draw allowed me to fully appreciate her intoxicating flavors and her mild-medium strength was more than satisfying. It’s nice to swing with a coy mistress ash in front of treeevery now and again. It gives me a chance to express my chivalrous personality with a dainty dame.  As I continued on into the first third of our tryst I started to experience hints of wood and the vanilla that I tasted in her cold draw.

The smoke output was impeccable and aromatic. Her screams of creamy smoke billowed through the air like floating clouds on a spring day. This little lady was the perfect companion – satisfying and maintenance free. She burned cool with a sharp char line that produced a tight, light charcoal colored ash that grew to over two inches before depositing itself on my lap. She didn’t need a single touch up throughout our entire afternoon together.

Don’t let this temptress fool you with her innocent-looking exterior, she is a feisty lil’ Latina – a nice medium-flavored jezebel that will quickly make you forget about her innocent sisters. This Connecticut was born a bit bolder and feistier than her siblings. At the core of her personality lie decadent notes of cream, nuts and spice. The spice grows stronger and is at the forefront in the second third but it still blends perfectly with her sweet, creamy, nuttiness to make up a unique flavor profile that I absolutely loved.

This gorgeous gal ended our date much like it started – flavorful and satisfying. The final third didn’t offer any surprises or change in flavors. She finished with passionate offerings of the same flavors that she presented from the moment I fired her up, except she lost most of her creaminess. Her burn was so cool and her flavors were so tantalizing that I smoked her down to the smallest nub that I have ever smoked. She didn’t have any harshness or bitterness in her last few kisses and that tells menomad1 that she enjoyed our afternoon together just as much as me because she didn’t want me to put her down either.

Overall, I have to commend this leaf for her savory flavors, volumes of smoke, great draw and near perfect burn as it all contributed to a very pleasant experience. This Dominicana would easily satisfy most smokers with her spicy sweetness and flawless construction. She is definitely ‘not your father’s Connecticut cigar’, so forget the rules and have your way with dazzling dame because she was born to be ‘noticed and enjoyed on a whole other level of flavor.’


Made in the Dominican Republic by Nomad Cigars at Tabacalera L & V

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper

Binder: Ecuadorian Habano

Filler: Nicaragua and Dominican Republic

Strength: Mild-medium

Price: $8 USD


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