More Women Smoking Cigars – Sexier than Ever

woman smoking cigar4For decades Hollywood has depicted the archetypal cigar smoker as a tough, rugged alpha male with an unconventional lifestyle of crime and punishment. However, out in the ‘real world’ there is a new wave of cigar smokers, women. These ladies of the leaf continue to astonish men with their wild sense of independence and empowerment that compliment their alluring sex appeal.

It is no secret that the cigar world is a male dominated fraternity that conjures up manly images of velvet smoking jackets, testosterone-fueled poker games and smoking guns, but in recent years there is a growing percentage of women who are savoring the passion of a fine hand-rolled premium cigar alongside their male counterparts.

“I think it’s become socially acceptable for women to smoke cigars,” said Nada J, co-owner of Nadi Cigars in Florida.

About two percent of U.S. women say they smoke cigars, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which equates to about 3.2 million women.  That number is not too far behind the estimated nine percent of U.S. men who say they smoke cigars. Because of the recent surge in women smokers, cigar bars and lounges are being designed with women in mind. This is welcomed news to all attendees of the Ultimate Cigar Parties because we welcome luscious ladies of the leaf with open arms.

Blend Cigar Bar located in Indianapolis, Indiana is a high-end cigar bar and private club that offers exclusive memberships for $25,000 per year, and it is on the verge of signing its first woman member. The club was designed by a woman to appeal to a female clientele. It offers a state-of-the art scented exhaust system and an elegant lounge where women can order, for example, a chocolate martini with a chocolate woman smoking cigar6truffle cigar.

“Cigars are a way to relax and I enjoy the lounges with the overstuffed leather chairs and the mellow environment,” said Nada J. “Cigar folks are some of the best people out there.”

Samantha Stevens , from New Jersey added, “I love everything about smoking a cigar especially the sensual, Zen experience that it welcomes.”

The image of a woman sensuously puffing on a  sleek, cylindrical object in her mouth prompts even the most sophisticated men to lose their cool and sneak a peep or two.

“I think guys tend to be very attracted to women cigar smokers,” said Stevens “A woman puffing deeply on a cigar is a very powerful and sexual image.”

There is no doubt that a sexy woman with a nice pair of coronas exudes a certain sex appeal that can’t be overlooked, especially at cigar parties and tastings. Women have caught on to the fact that such events are great places to meet men because they usually attract upper class gentlemen who enjoy the finer pleasures of life. Every man in the room is keenly aware of the presence of those few smart, sexy ladies looking to party. And, guys know if women are at an Ultimate Cigar Party, they are looking to play. Such women are often fawned upon, flirted with and worshiped by their pick of men.

It is not surprising that cigar manufacturers are courting female customers and lounges are feminizing their amenities.  Flavor infused cigars are now a large part of the market for a distinct reason: attract the ladies.

Elaine Ferri of Avanti Cigars reported to the Indy Star, “Women absolutely are a growing market in the cigar industry and they prefer flavored and small cigars.”

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