Lagunitas Pils – Czech style Pilsener

Lagunitas PILSThis is a very good, tasty beer, but there are better pilseners available on today’s market

After I popped the cap I took a deep breath to inhale the aromatic flavors. It had a pleasant biscuit malt background that was clearly overshadowed by a spicy, floral hop profile. It was a satisfying balance of sweetness and spice.

The pour was quite stunning and apropos to the style – a pale golden color with a thick and lasting white foamy head with nice lacing, really good head retention.

I placed my Emilio AF2 cigar in the ash tray for a brief minute to take a sip of this fine Czech pilsener. The taste lived up to its aroma. A little bitter, not too sweet and a moderate amount of carbonation created a nice balance of citrusy sweet spice that was very refreshing. This medium-bodied beer is a very smooth, light and crisp brew that paired perfectly with my cigar. It wasn’t as hoppy as I expected from a Lagunitas beer, but nevertheless, tasty.

The finish was light and refreshing on the palate but a little spicier that the initial taste, but not over lagunitas pils1the top. Overall, this was very good, tasty beer, but nothing special, nothing unique. It was refreshing and crisp and I think it would make for a perfect beer on a hot, summer day. It is also a very good beer to pair with a medium-full bodied cigar because of its balanced flavors, nothing over-the-top to take away from the cigar’s flavors.

I paired this with an Emilio AF2 but I think it would also be awesome with a San Cristobal or La Aroma de Cuba mi amor.


Lagunitas Brewing Company – California

Style: Czech Pilsener

Alcohol by Volume: 6.2%

Availability: Year-round

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