In-Depth Look at the Hot New Cigar Brand, Jordan Alexander III

Jordan Alexander III Brand ownersJordan Alexander III is a new boutique cigar brand that was launched in 2013 by three life-long friends. JA3, as they are often referred to on social media, uses premium, hand-selected tobaccos to create uniquely blended cigars meticulously crafted to perfection.

The story of Jordan Alexander III Premium Cigar Company begins with family and friendship. The three business partners, Alex Miller, Collin Murphy and Bob Murphy hold a deep adoration for the fellowship and culture surrounding cigars. They spent years learning about the methodology and blending process before venturing to build a ‘legend’ that they have seen grow from seed to shelf.

“Bob, Collin and I have been friends for as long as I can remember and cigars became a staple in our friendship, which eventually caught up with our love for business,” said Miller. “We are a newer company and are always looking for something new to bring to the industry.”

Jordan Alexander III is a small-batch company that uses only the best hand selected tobaccos from distinct growing regions like Honduras, Brazil, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. They also like to highlight the artistry behind the hand-rolling process with the pig tailed cap and covered foot of their inaugural release, The Legend.

The Legend, nicknamed the “U.N. of Cigars” by a fellow reviewer was the company’s inception into the industry. It proudly boasts a unique, complex blend using filler tobacco from four different growing regions, Honduras, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The distinct filler blend is enveloped by a  peppery Honduran binder and decadent Honduran wrapper leaf that is as tasty as it is gorgeous. And, the pigtail cap and closed foot only add to the allure of this striking beau.

“We wanted our first release to be unique, and working with a complex blend made that happen,” said Miller. “The pigtail and closed foot worked well with our intent to bring something unique to the shelves.”Jordan Alexander III logo

Coming this fall is the company’s new Corojo blend called The Jordan Alexander III Corojo. Among other noticeable changes, the company has relocated production. The new Corojo will be produced at the Quesada factory on the Dominican Republic. It will also feature a redesigned band, a different filler blend and a lower price point.

“The Jordan Alexander III is a reworked version of our first line. We took the original flavor profile as a foundation and built upon it to create the new Corojo,” said Miller. “The major differences between the Corojo lines are the blends, vitolas and factory.”

The new Corojo will feature a Dominican Corojo wrapper, Dominican binder and Dominican/Nicaraguan fillers. The new blend leaves out the more expensive Brazilian and Honduran tobaccos that the original release included. JA3 is also expanding the vitola offerings by including the 6×60 Double Toro and the 6×52 Belicoso. The new Corojo will also feature a pigtail cap but will not have the covered foot that The Legend so dutifully flaunted.

“In order to improve quality while also lowering retail price points, we decided to replicate and enhance the new release with a simpler blend,” Miller said. “For those worried that the new Corojo release might lose something with the blend switch, I can assure you that’s not the case. We made sure the flavor profile was only enhanced.”

jordan alexander iiiThe original Corojo called, The Legend, featured a band that was hard to read and recognize in  the dimly lit humidors of cigar retailers, so the company decided to redesign the band with a new logo. Preserving the same theme, they replaced the lions and crest logo with the Alexander family Coat of Arms. For those not familiar with the story behind the legendary Jordan Alexander III, check it out at the company’s website.

“I did the majority of the graphics design based on concepts from Bob and Collin,” said Miller. “We wanted to make sure we got it right the second time around, and we’re very pleased with our new company image.”

Most cigar manufacturers would agree that blending a cigar is fun but tedious and it was no different for Jordan Alexander III.

“The process for our new release was similar, although we certainly put more time into it. What we found is that time is the biggest factor in blending,” said Miller. “Smoking samples as they go through aging helps breakdown the flavors while also pointing to potential improvements.”

Miller went on to say, “Blending is not only an issue of finding the right flavors, but also working with the strength of the cigar.”

The blends of the Jordan Alexander III brand were conceptualized by the trio of owners before turning it over to the factory for sampling. The new Corojo release marks the brand’s first release by the Quesada factory on the Dominican Republic.

The cigar industry is loaded with great cigars by extraordinary companies and people and Jordan Alexander III is certainly on the smaller side of the industry; however, their heart and passion for the leaf is far greater than the competition.Jordan Alexander III Cigars

“Our production is limited but that means that we work as hard as possible to make sure our cigars are exactly what we want. We make sure that our product is meeting and exceeding the wants of our industry,” said Miller.

The guys behind JA3 are currently working on new blends and testing samples of future releases in the very near future. Jordan Alexander III is planning a very eventful 2015.

“We encourage people to smoke JA3 cigars to see what the boutique industry has to bring to the ever-growing world of cigars,” said Miller.




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