Welcome to the Ultimate Cigar Party…

Greetings fellow cigar connoisseurs,

My name is Ol’ Ash and welcome to the Ultimate Cigar Party dedicated to those in hot pursuit of life’s guilty pleasures – Cigars, Scotch & Sex.

The Ultimate Cigar Party satisfies your sinful desires and allows for the enjoyment of life’s finest pleasures. Unlike other boring websites that cram statistics and gibberish down your throat, this site is about advancing the satisfaction and enjoyment we, the alpha male get from cigars. This party is packed with exciting features that will elicit the senses and whet the appetite for a quality stick. Forget all the stuffy terminology that snooty board room executives like to discuss, let us talk like men – men who love the good life – Cigars, Scotch & Sex.

The eye-candy will transplant you to smoker’s heaven when you get a glimpse of some of the web’s most beautiful ladies flaunting their succulent Coronas and plump Robustos. It’s alright to dream at the Ultimate Cigar Party. So, fire up your favorite cigar, poor yourself a cocktail and stay a while because this site is packed with exciting information, pictures and videos that are sure to arouse your enthusiasm for the leaf.

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