Ezra Zion Eminence – Churchill

Ezra Zion Eminence– A must try cigar that is well balanced and flavorful with flawless construction and an impeccable draw

I have smoked and reviewed the Jamais Vu and FHK prior to the Eminence and I was highly impressed with their flavor profiles and construction; however, now that I have experienced the Eminence, I must say this is my favorite Ezra Zion cigar to date. Each release seems to top the previous blend while the company continues to make great strides in the industry.

Eminence left a lasting impression on me the moment I picked her up from the humidor. I couldn’t help gawking at her mouthwatering 7 x 48 box-pressed frame that was long, lean, and well-packed. She was reminiscent of a Victoria Secret supermodel – tall, slender, sexy and firm.  She was dressed in a well-aged, stunning, dark chocolate Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper that shimmered with seductive natural oils and dripped with desire. Small, sexy veins ran through her flawless construction that boasted near invisible seams and a toothy texture. She was accessorized appropriately with a simple, yet elegant band that screamed “class”. A cute tattoo of her name banded her foot to complete a look that was pure eye candy.

The core of this tantalizing temptress was pure Nicaraguan. She had a double Cuban-seed Ezra Zion EminenceNicaraguan binder that graciously enveloped Grade AA 1999 Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Viso and Ligero tobaccos. Her wrapper emitted an intoxicating perfume of hay, wood and cocoa.

Since this was the third Ezra gal with whom I have kept company, her father, Kyle, knew Eminence was in good hands with Old Ash. However, before I progressed any further, he firmly warned me that Eminence is his favorite of all the Ezra girls -so much for parents not having favorites.

With big papa’s gentle reminder nestled deep in the back of my mind, I whipped out my cutter and gently snipped Eminence’s triple cap. Her cold draw revealed notes of cocoa, wood and slight pepper. I continued my advances by massaging her foot with soft butane to get her primed and ready for action.

I know how good Ezra gals taste so I didn’t waste any time making my first move. I leaned in for the first kiss immediately upon firing up this hotsy-totsy. But, was it too soon? Boy did she give me attitude during our opening kiss! She blasted me with a mouthful of peppery spice that really caught me off guard. But, to be honest, I kind of liked it. Latinas with ‘tude can really get my motor running if you know what Ezra Zion EminenceI mean. But, I must have been doing something right because it didn’t take her long before she eased up to deliver a nice sweet, creamy sensation that reduced the spice to a mere trace. I was getting a lot of sweet molasses and rich earth from her wrapper, and the smoke was nice and creamy in my mouth. I also picked up a lot of cocoa and earth notes during our early moments of passion.

Eminence was a low maintenance mistress who provided her man with a very enjoyable experience. The draw on this paramour was perfect, not too loose like she was giving herself away, but not too tight either where I had to work overtime to taste her flavors. Her burn was cool and consistent creating a char line that was straight from foot to the nub. She let out billowing screams of dense white smoke that was rich and palpable. The ash on this Latina was ‘rumptious’ – thick and light charcoal in color, but a little loose. It did not flake or flower but someone should tell her she needs to #squat.

Eminence maintained a very balanced flavor profile as I continued to work down her body into the second third of our rendezvous. She continued to feed me amorous notes of cocoa and earth with a dollop of spice that coupled perfectly with the sweet molasses from the wrapper. I also started to pick up a bit of leather on her breath. Her finish was not terribly long but it was just enoughEzra Zion Eminence to keep her memorable flavors alive between smooches.

I was already drunk from her flavor by the final third of our date but I was more than happy to consume as much love as she was willing to offer. Her profile didn’t change much at this point but she continued to pour on the cocoa, earth, and leather with sweet richness from the San Andres wrapper that I so adored. Her smoke remained creamy and satisfying after it rolled off my lips. After that opening blast of pepper, the spice remained faint until the final moments of our tryst, but nothing too heavy. Perhaps she was as upset as I was that our night was about to end.  Our final moments together were memorable to say the least.

Now that Eminence is gone I have not stopped thinking about her. She really did impress me with her flawless construction and earth shattering flavor profile. Her Ezra Zion Eminencesavory personality complimented my palate perfectly and this particular vitola (Churchill) probably helped enhance the wrapper flavor immensely. The balance of flavor was incredible and the sweet earthy body that was chock full O’ cocoa was to die for. None of her flavors was overpowering or overwhelming and her strength remained at a solid medium throughout our affair. She was definitely a full-bodied Latina who boasted a lot more flavor than strength, which is an ideal characteristic when looking for a memorable experience. Because of that, I definitely recommend Eminence to both novice smokers and experienced enthusiasts alike. There was absolutely no bitterness or harsh build up at any time during my one hour and thirty minute fling.


Factory: Aganorsa/Casa Fernandez – Nicaragua

Wrapper: Aged Mexican San Andres Maduro

Binder: Double Cuban-seed Nicaraguan

Filler: 1999 Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Viso, Ligero

Strength: Medium

Price: $11.50 USD

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