Emilio Cigars Draig Cayuquero – Robusto

Emilio Draig CayuqueroA well-constructed cigar with an incredible flavor profile blended for the discerning cigar smoker.

The Draig Cayuquero is the second release in Emilio’s Draig line. The Draig, which means dragon in Welsh, is a limited production, small-batch line of cigars by Emilio Cigars using a different factory and a different blend each year. The Draig uses unique tobaccos that are rarely found in most of today’s cigars. It is yet another line that successfully demonstrates Gary Griffith’s mastery.

From Gary Griffith’s Facebook page:

“There is a small town in the far western part of Pinar del Rio, Cuba, called El Cayuco. Some of the locals are known as ‘Cayuqueros’, which translates loosely as ‘trouble makers.’ One of these problem children is a dear friend and in his honor I am announcing that this year’s Draig Limitado will be a joint effort with Noel Rojas.”

One look at this daring dame and I immediately noticed how well-rolled she was. Within seconds of our initial meeting I already had my hands all over her firm body, which was well-packed with very little give when performing the old squeeze test. This Cayuquero was of solid construction – a trademark of all Emilio Cigars.

Cayuquero greeted me wearing nothing more than her dark, succulent Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper andEmiliio Cigars Draig Cayuquero an eye-catching band that exposed plenty of her textured leaf to lure me in like the bedroom eyes of a jezebel. Her firm 5 x 50 body revealed small veins and visible wrapper seams, but it was her natural-looking, dark chocolate flesh that fascinated me.

Her wrapper emitted an amorous perfume of sweet natural tobacco coupled with wood and mild pepper that was absolutely intoxicating. Her foot gave off a bit more spice along with sweet natural tobacco. When I finally stopped groping her, I snipped her double cap, gently toasted her foot and tenderly kissed her shoulder.  Mmmmmm, – a very, smooth natural-tobacco taste with hints of spicy pepper and wood that really got my motor running. The spicy start is reminiscent of many of Emilio’s girls. Gary likes to produce feisty Latinas who let their men know that they are not coy and complacent, but more spirited lil’ ladies with character.  As I progressed further into the first third of my tryst I started to detect some chocolate and espresso notes mixed in with the spicy natural tobacco and wood flavors.

Like I stated earlier, the construction on this broad was flawless, which in turn, produced a razor sharp char line from start to finish and a gorgeous charcoal-colored ash that was tight and dense. This gal was maintenance free. She didn’t require a single touch-up to maintain her perfect burn.  Her draw was perfect and her smoke output was plentiful and aromatic.

This little sweetheart of a stick continued to produce an incredible flavor profile that was enjoyable and incredibly satisfying as I moved down her body. During the second third of my date with this dazzling Cayuquero, I tasted a lot of natural tobacco and Emilio Cigars Cayuqueroespresso mixed with a savory sweet spice that complimented the profile perfectly.  She remained full of flavor but she lost most of her ‘tude. Most of the spicy pepper disappeared, creating a very smooth, pleasant treat – a real charmer, if you know what I mean. This temptress is not as strong as I prejudged. She is at a very comfortable medium level of strength with yelps of smoke that were thick and creamy, chewy plumes of aromatic bliss.

Just as I was about to say goodnight to this daring dame, she re-energized for another round of jubilance. The nightcap was an amazing experience. Her spicy ‘tude reemerged with unforgiving passion. She was sooooo sweet, soooooo strong, sooooo delectable. Her last few kisses inundated me with creamier chocolate, rich natural tobacco and espresso– a powerful goodnight kiss that lasted right down to the nub. She definitely finished as a full-bodied, full-strength senorita. The nub finished flavorful and strong.

Overall, I have to commend this leaf for her volumes of smoke, great draw and perfect burn as it all contributed to a very pleasant experience. This cigar has plenty of body to satisfy full-bodied smokers while remaining smooth enough for virtually every experienced smoker to enjoy. While her strength finished as full, she was by no means overpowering or too much to handle at any point during the smoke. Her flavors were complex and extremely pleasant and well balanced. The Cayuquero is a very enjoyable, decadent lady for sure and I highly recommend you spend an evening with Emilio Cigars Cayuqueroher before skips town. Remember her production is extremely limited and the demand for her is at a premium right now.

I would love to meet up with this Latina again and share some more intimate time together because I really enjoyed her company.


Made by Emilio Cigars

Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan – Jalapa & Esteli

Strength: Medium – Full

Price: $11 USD

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