Cigar Stacking – What is it?

Right now you probably sound like Woodchuck, that adorable yellow bird from snoopy, “blah, blah, blah, blah”. Nevertheless, it’s time to be educated my fellow lovers of the leaf about a very important process in cigar development, Stacking.

What is stacking? Stacking is what differentiates a pleasurable smoking experience from a terrible one. Stacking is the process where tobacco leaves are cured and fermented to break down the tar buildup in the tobacco leaves used to create hand rolled cigar.

Stacks of tobacco are wrapped in cloth and allowed to “sweat”. The internal temperature of the stacks is monitored closely to watch for large varying swings in temperature until the earth’s bounty reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The stack is then pulled down to release tar, ammonia, and nicotine. Then it’s re-stacked. This painstaking process is done several times until the temperature no longer reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit. If done properly, smokers will reap the tasty benefits of earth’s bounty, but if not you will get a foul, bitter taste during the final third of your smoke and probably have to retire the stick.

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