3 Toxic Mistakes Guys Make with Women

If you constantly get the friend zone speech then you must watch this video. In this video, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio discuss 3 common mistakes that lead to the friend zone.

When you make the mistakes in this video, more often than not, the girl you like will see you as a “nice guy” and immediately place you in the friend zone.

The program http://www.unlockherlegs.com explains how to not only avoid the friend zone, but how to get out of the friend zone for good.

These mistakes Rob Judge and Bobby Rio talk about in this include things like displaying too much interest, too soon, being too available, and making the all time “nice guy” mistake of sending a girl flowers to her work.

These mistakes ultimately lead to the “lets just be friends” speech because you’re no longermystery to a girl. And as Bobby and Rob say “once a girl knows she has you, it’s over, and you’ll never have her.

Because of this, Rob and Bobby invented a simple little mind game called “The Scrambler” that will have a girl become completely attracted to you, and want to become your girlfriend.

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