Why Cigar Aficionados Love Lanceros

Think of a lancero as the equivalent of drinking Scotch whiskey neat, as opposed to a cocktail, and you get the idea of what the lancero is all about…

By George Rodriguez owner of Rodrigo Cigars

Aside from the elegant profile, the traditional Cuban vitola is loved by cigar aficionados because it often delivers more flavor than other traditional sizes.

A common belief is that the wrapper leaf gives the cigar its defining flavor. This is true when the binder and fillers are made up of lower primings to help the cigar burn, and in those cases, an elongated cigar with a smaller diameter will let the flavor of the wrapper shine through.

Making lanceros is a tricky craft because there’s no room for error. If you find yourself relighting it’s probably because it contains a rich ligero and with less filler tobacco to burn you may have to pay more attention to it.

I first made the Habano Clásico Lancero with William Ventura back in 2011. The ironic thing is that was during the height of the “big ring guage” craze. Sixty ring gauge cigars were popping up everywhere and I was the only one of my peers making a 7×38.

Actually, the first batch was a 7×40 because we couldn’t even find a mold for the 38. That’s how rare lanceros were back then.

Everyone thought I was making a cigar that would never sell (they were wrong).

Since 2011 the blend has remained unchanged; Habano / Sumatra hybrid wrapper from Ecuador, Dominican binder and filler.

The smoking experience is all lancero – a concentrated flavor blast from the start with notes of cinnamon and bread. The second third introduces white pepper with cedar undertones and it builds from there leaving you with a clean finish.

This is one of my favorite cigars to smoke any time of the day and a great cigar to share with both experienced smokers and novices.


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