Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout

Terrapin_MooHoo2This is a very solid milk stout that is best reserved for dessert but the lack of complex flavors may turn beer connoisseurs away.

So I had a few of my buddies over last night to join me in my cigar cave, what else in new right? – my wife’s favorite lecture every time I sneak outside with the boys –  and we fired up some premium stogies and put back a few tasty brews as we watched a couple NCAA tournament games.

While checking our brackets and bullshitting about the Giants’ latest offseason moves, we cracked open a couple of brewskies to do a little review of our own. Tonight’s choice was this Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout. I have had and reviewed Terrapin’s Wake ‘N’ Bake, but hadn’t tried this one until last night. I must admit that I feel like I am in jeopardy of losing my Man Card lately because of some of tterrapin-moo-hoohese beers that I have been drinking and reviewing.

Holy Chocolate Milk! That was my immediate reaction. Chocolate Milk – Tons of chocolate in this brew.

The initial aroma was definitely chocolate and a lot of it. With that I also sensed some earth and lighted roasted malts

I drank mine out of a pint glass while my buddy drank his from a snifter. The other guys drank scotch and bourbons for most of the night.

It pours a very dark, midnight black with over an inch of brown, khaki-colored head that fades steadily and produces minimal lacing. The aroma gives off a good amount of sweetness and an explosion of chocolate milk. Subtle notes of earth and light roasted malts and sweet lactose are faintly sensed in the background.

The taste is consistent with the nose – very heavy on the chocolate with pleasant notes of roasted coffee and sweet lactose, but chocolate milk flavors clearly dominate the palate. This is a sweet tasting beer but the roasty flavor at the end prevents the brew from being overly sweet – a perfect blend if you ask me. There is not much going on in regard to flavor other than the chocolate milk dominance. It is a very straightforward beer that I think will turn off connoisseurs looking for complex flavors and a bold body.

This beer has superb drinkability with moderate thickness. It is a creamy mouthful but the carbonation thins it out a bit, just like drinking chocolate milk. The finish offers a slight bitterness that thinly layers the tongue after the brew buries itself deep in the gullet.

Overall, this is a great chocolaty milk stout as advertised – pretty delicious if you ask me. It is definitely one of the better chocolate stouts that I have tried. Terrapin created a nice beer that doesn’t taste like artificial flavors and is easily drinkable.  It is an delicious cold weather treat terrapin2that is rich, creamy and uniquely satisfying.

I paired this tasty, sweet brew with a San Lotano Maduro by AJ Fernandez. The sweetness in the cigar paired perfectly with the sweetness in the beer.  But, I believe almost any maduro cigar will pair nicely with this stout because of the natural sweetness in the maduro leaf. Long Ashes…


Terrapin Beer Company – Georgia, USA

Style: Stout

Alcohol by Volume: 6.0%

Availability: Winter

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