Syndicate 58/6 Scotch Whisky – Exclusivity Reserved for the Most Discerning Palate

syndicate 58/6On a cold evening in November as the gray of winter was setting over New Jersey, I decided to venture out to my man cave and nuzzle next to the fireplace with a premium cigar and high-quality Scotch whisky. Today’s choice was a Daniel Marshall Red Label cigar and the exclusive Syndicate 58/6 Scotch whisky, typically reserved for the upper crust.

Syndicate 58/6 Premium Scotch Whisky was founded in 1966 by William Muir (Bond 9) Limited (Founded in Leith, Scotland in 1823) and the original blend was distilled in 1954 by Marshall Taplow (Established in London 1760) for their most important customers.

In the United Kingdom Syndicate 58/6 is a private, highly exclusive club made up of discerning individuals who really appreciate a top quality Scotch whisky. The Syndicate members include Members of the House of Lords, High Court judges, and a wide range of leading professionals from throughout the United Kingdom.

The quality and consistency of the blend is assured by using a ‘Solera’ system whereby additional whiskies are blended with the older stock. The new batch is joined in harmony with different agings, including 18 single malt whiskies and four single grain whiskies. Today’s Syndicate 58/6 still contains small quantities of the original 1958 blend. It is finally married and matured in four-year-old Oloroso Sherry casks which give the whisky its exceptionally smooth and distinctive taste.

I wanted a clean palate to gather pure and undefiled tasting notes of the Scotch without the cigar notes invading my taste buds, so I held off on lighting the cigar until I savored the Scotch.  As soon as I poured myself a dram of the Syndicate 58/6 I could not stop ogling the deep amber hue of its body.  It was gorgeous. I raised my glass to get a closer look at this rare work and was immediately impressed by the amorous aroma that hit my nose. It was a delectable medley of sweet corn, honey, almonds and floral notes with a punch of smoke.  Immediately I knew this was going to be a blissful pairing of cigar and Scotch.Syndicate 58/6

I couldn’t control myself any longer so I extinguished my thirst with a mouthful of the liquid gold. Her taste was off the charts. It was full of rich caramel, vanilla, and nutmeg with hints of oak and leather. Dry, Sherry-like tones and smoke also danced about my palate.  After infusing my mouth with the Scotch whisky for about a minute, I finally deposited the Syndicate 58/6 in my gullet. It left behind a long finish of tart apricots and apples dominated by a lingering smoky spiciness that left me yearning for more.

After my brief, but ultra satisfying tryst with Syndicate 58/6, I finally got around to firing up my Daniel Marshal Red Label cigar. The lighted cigar and christened bottle of Syndicate 58/6 Scotch immediately filled the room with an air of exclusivity. I felt like I was a part of some underworld, private gentleman’s club of utmost class and civility. The prestige behind both the Daniel Marshall and Syndicate 58/6 is unmatched. I sat back and enjoyed the rest of my evening in front of the crackly fire sipping Syndicate 58/6 and puffing on the Daniel Marshall Red Label cigar – a perfect way to end the work week.

This is a fantastic whisky. It is rich, full of character and immensely complex. It left me wanting more from the first sip. The sweet and spicy flavors play very well together without any one particular flavor overpowering another.  It is the flavor profile of the Syndicate 58/6 that makes it an exceptional pairing for most full-bodied, complex cigars.  Most of the flavors syndicate 58/6found in the Scotch are also present in many of today’s cigars, especially the nutmeg, oak, leather, and spiciness. Plus, the smoky finish on the whisky was the perfect transition into the cigar. I highly recommend this blended Scotch whisky to anyone who appreciates a flavorful, smooth and complex companion.

Syndicate 58/6 Scotch Whisky is imported into the USA exclusively by Bespoke Spirits Inc. and a 750ml bottle retails for about $149.


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