Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Xinia from Canada

xinia5Meet Xinia, a gorgeous 38-year-old cigar aficionada who was born in El Salvador but has lived in Canada since she was 10 years old. Xinia is a single mother to an 11-year-old girl who enjoys smoking cigars every weekend, but treats herself to a smoke every now and then during the week as well.

“I smoke maybe up to five cigars per week. But when I’m on vacation I can smoke five cigars per day,” said Xinia.

Xinia has been smoking cigars since 1996 when she visited her cousin in California while vacationing from her studies at the university. Her first cigar was a Romeo y Julieta paired with a glass of Port wine.

“Ever since then I enjoyed smoking cigars whenever possible. I became very interested in the tastes and how relaxing it is to justxinia11 sit back and enjoy a cigar with a nice drink to accompany it,” said Xinia.

Xinia doesn’t have a go-to drink to pair with her smokes but enjoys a variety of different beverages with her cigars.

“I enjoy my cigars with a glass of wine, or a powerful rum aged in oak barrels, whiskey, Scotch…but who says I can’t enjoy my cigars with a beer or a coffee?” she said.

Xinia understands that her beautiful physique does add a certain ‘sex appeal’ to the industry but her reasoning behind her passion for smoking cigars runs much deeper.

“I don’t smoke cigars with a sexual intent, however it is very common for people to misunderstand or see it as a sexual intent,” Xinia said. “Yes I have a passion for xinia8the big gauges and long cigars…”

Xinia has a true passion for the leaf and considers herself a true “aficionada”. She is a regular guest at the La Casa de Fuma cigar lounge in Toronto, Ontario Canada where she feels comfortable enough to call the lounge another home.

“I feel like I’m home, it’s family at La Casa de Fuma,” she said.

This sister of the leaf also has a second haunt where she frequents during her yearly visits to Cuba, La Casa Del Habano.

“I purchase a lot of my cigars in Cuba andxinia12 I keep them in my humidor,” said Xinia.

Xinia is a self-confessed disciple of the Cuban cigar.

“I prefer Cuban cigars. I love them!” she said. “I love Diplomaticos, Partagas, Ramon Allones, El Rey del Mundo, Vegas Robaina, H. Upmann, Bolivar, and Hoyo xinia6de Monterrey.”

An interesting fun fact about Xinia is her passion for long ashes. Dubbed, “Cigar Ash Queen,” by her friends, this Chiquita bonita enjoys challenging the ash, trying to keep it burning for as long as it cooperates. She has pictures of some of her longest ashes published in Cigar Aficionado magazine.

“I have a thing for long ashes,” said Xinia.

Here are two links to see pictures of long ash photos in Cigar Aficionado.




 “I truly enjoy and know how to smoke a cigar.”



“I am one of those female smokers who truly have a passion –  a true aficionada.”


“I have a thing for long ashes – my friends call me ‘Cigar Ash Queen’.”



“I don’t mind the sex appeal that comes a long with this industry.”


Click here to see a video of Xinia forming a huge ash




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