Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Tia from Pennsylvania

Tia CalhounMeet Tia Calhoun, an eccentric gal from Lansdale, Pennsylvania who doesn’t like to play by the rules. She is a beautiful 31-year-old gal with a body to die for. Her striking physique is radiated by a picture-perfect face and a killer body that features shapely legs that seem to extend for miles.

This sister of the leaf began smoking cigars about seven years ago, around the same time she started working in the industry. Tia is currently an assistant manager for the Horsham, Pennsylvania location of Cigar Cigars, a cigar lounge with nine locations sprinkled throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“I got into smoking cigars because I thought they Tia Calhounsmelled good and I was interested in trying one,” said Tia. “I have been hooked ever since.”

Tia is also a co-host for a TV talk show called, Cigar Time, a cigar talk show that is owned and operated by Cigar Cigars. It airs every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm on local channel WMCN network. The show is also available on the show’s YouTube channel, Cigar Time.

“I am the co-host alongside Rob Pascucci, Scott Atkinson, Paul Magier and Art Toll,” said Tia. “The show has been on Tia Calhounair for over a year now and we will be taping our 52nd episode in a couple of weeks, which will end our successful first season.”

This tantalizing temptress definitely adds plenty of sex appeal to an industry that has been dominated by men for many years. Her glamorous face can lure even the most discerning man, especially when her lips are locked around her favorite cigar, Padron Anniversary 64.  And, her intoxicating body can make any man drunk on love.

“I feel that I do add lots of sex appeal to the Tia Calhounindustry not only with my knowledge but my keen sense of fashion,” said Tia.

Tia’s favorite drink is a Perfect Margarita with a sugared rim, not salt. She especially loves pairing that libation with a Don Pepin Garcia.

“I like pairing the Perfect Margarita with a Don Pepin Garcia because it complements the salty citric flavor in the Margarita and the Margarita complements the black pepper spice and earthy flavor profile of the Don Pepin Garcia,” Tia said.

When off duty, Tia can be found lounging at one of the nine Cigar Cigars locations smoking one of her favorite cigars. Tia also occupies her free time by reading, drawing portraits or writing poetry.

You can follow Tia on Instagram at Sxycigarleggs


Tia Calhoun

Tia Calhoun


“I got into cigars because I thought they smelled good…I have been hooked ever since.”

Cigar Cigars

Cigar Cigars Tia

“I feel that I do add lots of sex appeal to the industry.”

tia calhoun

tia“I like pairing the Perfect Margarita with a Don Pepin Garcia.”


Cigar Cigars

Tia Cigar Cigars


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  1. mad bricky

    I love that hair, and you could get seriously hurt messing around with this lady. She kind of epitomises the “built like a brick…” Very fine SOTL!

  2. John

    Holy crap!!!! What a woman!!!!! I would give anything to be with her.
    To bad she smokes that junk. Not good for you honey!!!

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