Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Sarah from California

sarah khatibMeet Sarah Khatib, a gorgeous 24-year-old gal who was born and raised in Orange County, California. Her ethnic background is an alluring mix of Palestinian and Caucasian and her love for cigars is just as intoxicating.

“There is so much more than the eye can see to a cigar. I love the history, the process, and the strong community that derives from a stogie,” said Khatib.

Khatib started smoking cigars about two years ago when a dear friend introduced her to the enchanted world. Khatib fired up her stick, poured herself a dram of Macallan 18 and savored the puff-by-puff tutorial provided by her mentor.  Today she enjoys one to three cigars a day depending on her agenda.

“He explained to me the different vitolas and the etiquette to partaking in cigar smoking,” she said. “From then I knew cigars would be, and were meant to be, a part of my life.”sarah Khatib

There is no question that Khatib brings plenty of sex appeal to the leaf and she is a pleasant treat at the cigar lounges that she frequents. Her luring smile and seductive eyes coupled with her love affair with cigars make her the perfect woman in all facets of the imagination.

“I didn’t realize there was a connotation to women being ‘sexy’ for smoking cigars. I just love cigars, that’s it,” said Khatib. “I do not smoke to be sexy; however I do not get upset when I am told so.”

Khatib who frequents several cigar lounges in her home state of California has traveled as far away as New York City to Olive collectionsfollow her passion. Her go-to haunt is Old Towne Havana in Orange County but she also likes to frequent Don Lupe Cigar Lounge in Long Beach, Lordsburg in La Verne (where she smokes with her friend Ronyce who was also featured as a Sizzlin’ Sunday gal), and La Marca in Monrovia.

“The patrons at Old Towne Havana have become supportive friends in my endeavors. I know that I can go there for quality conversation, undoubtedly some laughs and the opportunity to get some work done,” Khatib said.

Like most cigar smokers, Khatib enjoys her cigars paired with a tasty drink.

“I enjoy a cigar with scotch, rum, a glass of wine or a cappuccino. There’s nothing in the world like having my favorite songs playing, a stogie burning and the privilege to appreciate life and the moment for exactly what it is,” she said.sarah khatib

Khatib, who is currently a business major at Cypress College, has founded Olive Collections almost a year ago. Olive Collections is a company that reaches fellow connoisseurs and nonsmokers alike as a resource to educate folks on the essence of cigars. Khatib, through Olive Collections, plans to organize cigar events, provide outlets for creative movements and offer quality products.

“I want to give the community a foundation to support their own passions. I am a firm believer in following your heart and sometimes you just need the courage and support to do so,” said Khatib.

Stay tuned for but for now you can follow Sarah Khatib on Instagram (@olive_collections) on Twitter (@olive_col) and Facebook (Olive Collections).

Olive Collections


“There is so much more to a cigar than the eye can see.”

sarah khatib

sarah khatib

“I do not smoke to be sexy; however I do not get upset when I am told so.”

sarah khatib


sarah khatib

 “I knew cigars would be, and were meant to be, a part of my life.”

sarah khatib

 “I am a firm believer in following your heart.”






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