Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Kristie from Seattle

Kristie BellMeet Kristie Bell, a lovely 27-year-old sister of the leaf(SOTL) of Norwegian descent. This Viking is a well-traveled adventure seeker who has explored over 20 countries in the past seven years, having enjoyed layovers in Germany and Thailand, two places she called home for some time. Today Kristie is anchored in Seattle, Washington, but no one knows where the tide will wash up tomorrow.

“Adventure is the one thing I have and will always want…I see life as a never-ending treasure hunt,” said Bell. “I’m drawn to people, places and things of substance and have an eye for recognizing beauty…the kind of beauty that Kristie Bellmakes one stop and appreciate the ‘moment’.”

This self-proclaimed, ‘old soul,’ may very well be the ideal woman in every facet of the imagination, and cigars are just one cog of the wheel. Kristie began smoking cigars when she was 15 years old and credits her grandfather for introducing her to the enchanted world.Kristie describes her grandfather as the ‘quintessential example of dapper.’ He often donned a cocked hat and sweater and moved gracefully with the aid of a beautiful wooden cane and a pipe firmly nestled in his mouth.

“As a young girl my great grandfather used to smoke a pipe,” she explained. “I remember the smell and the smoke, but most of all, the way he looked when he did it. He represented poise Kristie Belland power.”

Since then, Kristie smoked cigars on-and-off for years, but didn’t develop a refined palate until she started traveling. She craves freedom and independence and appreciates the blissful retreat that smoking a cigar offers.  Today she smokes at least once a week.

“I love the way they taste and have an irrevocable desire to watch the smoke float through the air as I exhale…I have become quite fond of this,” said Bell.  “Cigars make ‘moments’, no matter the time or place.”Kristie Bell

Kristie is a sentimental romantic at heart who loves to bask in the ‘moments’ that are revived when she smokes a cigar.

“Cigars take me back to fond memories of being with a person or catching the sun setting in just the right way with a breeze brushing up against me and music flowing in the streets,” she recalled. “But no matter where I am or what I am doing, I always resonate with the poise and power that was my great grandfather.”

Kristie is an amorous beau who brings plenty of sex appeal to the cigar industry. Together, her Kristie Bellnostalgic persona and glamorous appearance create an aura and vibe that is irresistible and magnetic. But this humble heartthrob does not smoke cigar to be perceived as ‘sex symbol’ but more as a beautiful woman who happens to love cigars.

“Does this all add sex appeal to a man driven past-time? Of course it does,” she boasted. “For every woman who loves a man who can cook and clean is a man that loves a woman who can smoke and drink.”

She went on to say, “Many people assume that I smoke them to simply turn men on, that I’m attempting to be a sex symbol, while this does inevitably happen, it has never been the reasoning behind my motive.”Kristie Bell

Kristie’s ‘go-to’ cigar is the Rocky Patel Platinum Torpedo Oscuro. Why?

“It’s smooth but full-bodied and draws nicely, said Bell.

As far as her drinks of choice, this smokin’ beauty is committed to brown spirits exclusively.

“I drink scotch, cognac or bourbon only, she explained. “The Macallan 18 year or Westland Single Malt Whisky are my preferred drinks. My friends and family sometimes joke that I am an old man in a young girl’s body, and I cannot disagree.”

There is no doubt that Kristie Bell deserves to be this week’s Sizzlin’ Sunday Cigar Babe of the Week.

I smoke cigars because I value what it represents, and I have never once met a fellow cigar smoker whom I did not like, Bell stated. “We’re all like family – when I catch word that you smoke too, I know that I will immediately like you. Cigar smokers have a different way of life, and they view it in the way that I appreciate.”

Kristie Bell


“I love the way cigars taste and have an irrevocable desire to watch the smoke float through the air as I exhale.”

Kristie Bell

“I would light up a cigar, sit somewhere peaceful and let all the trouble escape me.”

Kristie Bell

“Many people assume that I smoke cigars to simply turn men on, that I’m attempting to be a sex symbol, while this does inevitably happen, it has never been my motive.”


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