Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Janell from Ohio

JanellMeet Janell, a 46-year-old bombshell from Columbus, Ohio who has taken the cigar industry by storm with her bedroom eyes, succulent curves and love affair with cigars. This lady of the leaf is not just a pretty face pinned to the wall of some testosterone-filled cigar shop.  She is the devilish dame nestled in the corner of the lounge, sunken in an over-sized leather chair with her lips locked around a premium cigar smoking with the boys.


To couple her newly found passion for cigars withJanell a longstanding adoration for the beach, Janell has found an exciting way to fuse the two together.

“My favorite place to be is on a hot, sunny beach. I like to smoke on the beach,” she said. “I love everything about the water – boating, swimming and a great tiki bar.”

In addition to smoking cigars on a hot, sunny beach Janell enjoys exercising outdoors, attending wine tastings, dancing to live music, and hitting softballs in the batting cages, but most of all she “loves spending time with family and friends.”

Janell’s affair with cigars began in November of 2013. It was as if her prince rode in on his white Janellhorse to deliver the inaugural cigar. Vince Snyder, managing editor of The Cigar Lounger magazine found her on Instagram and asked her to do a photo shoot for the magazine’s November, 2013 issue. Her first cigar was at that shoot and she hasn’t looked back since. Janell was the very first ‘Smokin’ Beauty’ of The Cigar Lounger magazine.

Today she can be found mingling with the boys at cigar lounges, smoking on beaches in sexy bikinis or relaxing on a cozy patio with a glass of red wine and a premium cigar.

There is no question that Janell brings plentyJanell of sex appeal to the leaf and she is a pleasant treat at the cigar lounges that she frequents. Her charm, luring body and seductive smile coupled with her fashionable style and love affair with cigars make her the perfect woman in all facets of the imagination.

“I think that men enjoy seeing a beautiful woman smoke a fine cigar over intelligent conversation and laughter. Lord knows that I love to laugh,” Janell said. “I’ve been told many times that my genuine laugh is contagious.”

JanellBy popular demand, The Cigar Lounger has invited Janell back to do another photo shoot for the magazine so be sure to look for her in future issues of

“I am very flattered and extremely excited to make that happen! I know that my BOTL and SOTL on Instagram (mystory_jsh) will be thrilled because they have wanted more photos since my last shoot,” said Janell.




 “I think that men enjoy seeing a beautiful woman smoke a cigar”








“My favorite place to be is on a hot sunny beach”











 “I like everything about the water – boating, swimming and a great tiki bar. I like smoking on the beach.”




“I have been told so many times that my laugh is contagious”













“My very first cigar was at a photo shoot”

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71 Thoughts to “Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Janell from Ohio”

  1. Brian K. Green

    As far as I’m concerned Janell IS the Ultimate Cigar Babe!

    1. Janell

      Brian, such a huge compliment, thank you very much!

  2. Kelvin Mapp

    Nice Pictures Janell, great article. Love sizzlin Sunday’s.

    1. Janell

      Thank you Kelvin!

  3. Buddha Ron

    What a beautiful woman! I don’t smoke cigars, but I may just have to learn how to! Nice work Janell! Absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Janell

      Buddha, you just made me blush! I am extremely flattered! Thank you!

    1. Janell

      Thank you James!

  4. Josh S

    Smoking hot!!!

    1. Janell

      Love it! Thank you Josh, so happy that you are enjoying my photos!

  5. Daniel Strickland

    A true Cigar Beauty.

    1. Janell

      Thank you Daniel, very sweet of you to say!

  6. Tony McRae

    Now that is a cigar babe… I would love to smoke a cigar with her. Simply beautiful. I enjoi looking at her photos

    1. Janell

      Thank you Tony! I really enjoyed the photo shoot, so I’m extra happy that you are now enjoying the pics!

  7. Diego

    Janell is simply wonderful and a perfect cigar is the best completion for her extraordinary personality.

    1. Janell

      So flattered Diego! I love it when my personality shines through and makes someone else happy, that is truly the best feeling!

  8. Daniel

    Beyond beautiful, would love to see more of her.

    1. Janell

      Thank you Daniel! I hope to make that happen very soon!

  9. agent espo

    True SOTL

    1. Janell

      Many thanks Agent Espo!

  10. Marco

    Classic photos with taste

    1. Janell

      Thank you Marco! Keeping it classy is what I’m all about!

  11. Scott

    My sister sent me your link. She’s now my favorite sibling. Nice pictures!

    1. Janell

      Ha! Thank you Scott! I love that you just made me laugh so hard, I scared the person next to me! Love to your sister, she’s the best!!

  12. Foodsbyricky

    Simply gorgeous and beautiful… Keep doing ur thing Janell

    1. Janell

      You have always been such great support Foodsbyricky, thank you so much! I would love to make it to your restaurant when I’m in town, your food on instagram looks amazing!!

  13. Elaine

    Cigar Goddess

    1. Janell

      Thank you Elaine, very sweet of you to say!

    1. Janell

      Thank you Mehmet

  14. Humberto

    Beautiful Janell !

    1. Janell

      Thank you Humberto!

  15. Randy B.

    By far the sexiest Cigar Diva I have ever seen. I hope one day to have a cigar with her.

    1. Janell

      Randy, that sure is a huge compliment, thank you very much!

  16. Vernell Littlejohn

    Interesting details about yourself Janell. Sounds like your life has been so lively, full of fun and laughter which is so wonderful to see and hear.
    As always your photos are outstanding….so full of life and happiness with that lovely smile. Bravo!!

    1. Janell

      Vernell, I am extremely flattered that you took the time to read the article while enjoying my photos! For the most part, I have been very blessed with a lot of joy in my life, I’m happy that you are able to see that through my smile 🙂

  17. Larry

    Ultimate Cigar babe!

    1. Janell

      Hi Larry! I am very happy that you see me that way and also very honored to enjoy the title for as long as it lasts!

  18. Ryan

    Gorgeous lady, loving her cigars… She looks dangerous!

    1. Janell

      Dangerous? Me? 🙂 I’m a lover, not a fighter . . . Just don’t piss me off! Thank you for the very nice compliment!

  19. Craig smith

    Now that’s what I call love at first sight! To look this good you must have lived the perfect life!! We want more….

    1. Janell

      Craig, I am feelin’ the love! Everyone has been incredibly kind and supportive! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet message. Like everyone else, my life has been filled with highs and lows, but overall it’s been pretty wonderful! I have two amazing adult children, my parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, I have great friends that I trust and I feel very loved, happy and healthy! I am hoping to do another photo shoot very soon, so you might just get your wish for more ~ Fingers crossed!

  20. She’s definitely a ultimate cigar Babe !! I would to curl up with that Hottie, and smoke a nice cigar .

    1. Janell

      Thank you Big John! I might need to use your gorgeous Harley and Firebird TransAm for my next photo shoot!

  21. Mike Z

    An amazing beauty and even more amazing woman! She defines the pinup girl on the outside while maintaining her class and charm without missing a step! Stunning! Best of the best!

    1. Janell

      Mike, you are always such a kind, supportive, gentleman and I love that about you! After your very heartwarming comments, it might not be appropriate for me to find a way to make you laugh by dropping a few F bombs in my reply, so I’ll just end by saying THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  22. Achyutha

    My lovely cigar smoking, hot and sexy :* heartthrob 😉

    1. Janell

      🙂 Thank you Achyutha, very sweet of you to say!

  23. Bob Gadient

    Look’n good! When is the sequel???? MORE! MORE! MORE!

    1. Janell

      Great question Bob! I would love to bring you MORE as soon as possible because this new adventure has been very exciting for me! The response to this article has been extremely flattering!

  24. Lou

    All I can say is WOW!

    1. Janell

      Thank you Lou! Why am I craving chocolate cake? 😉

  25. Joey B

    Janell is my favorite by far. A very classy lady with a wild side. And to know she loves a great cigar puts her at the top of my list. 😉

    1. Janell

      Thank you Joey! It’s very important to me to keep it classy while still showing my fun personality, I’m happy that you noticed and appreciate it.

  26. Patrick

    Janelle makes everything look good! Can’t wait to see the next chapter!!!!

  27. Patrick

    I forgot to mention that your laugh really is contagious! Every time you’re around, we all have a great time!
    See you soon!

    1. Janell

      Pretty Boy B! Thank you for taking the time to leave two heartwarming messages, that means so much to me! There is not enough room on here for me to list all of the amazing, belly laughing memories that we have had over the years, mostly due to Hoss, but let me just mention a few ~ Venetian in Vegas, Wayne’s house in Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Canada, Florida, golf trips, Skeet grooming, private jets, late night swim with Sandy, Tom Petty, hot tub, Luke and his Debra slip up! I could go on and on … Monroe xoxo

  28. Juachy

    Thanks for send mi this page. I really enjoy know you better. I really want to see more. 😉

    1. Janell

      Thank you Juachy, I hope to bring you more!

  29. Jim Brickett

    I have not been a cigar smoker but Janell has me wanting to go get a cigar and have another look at her most amazing and beautiful images. Very moving indeed. I’ll get some cigars and when I get back I hope there are more awesome images of Janell.

    1. Janell

      Jim, Always so sweet, I thank you so much for that! With or without a cigar, I’m just very happy that you are enjoying my photos! This has been such an exciting time in my life, knowing that others are excited too, makes it that much better!

  30. Jzrge

    Simply an amazing women. A godess

    1. Janell

      Jzrge, thank you for the huge compliments!

  31. Neil

    And they say smoking is bad for your chest!? Wow! Loving those smokey curves.

    1. Janell

      😉 Neil is full of jokes! I’m glad that you enjoy my curves, I kinda like them too.

    1. Janell

      Thank you Bob, very sweet of you to say!

  32. KKB1973

    #1 Smokin’ Beauty of all time Janell aka MYSTORY_JSH… Keep on representing the Cigar Nation. #goodlook

    1. Janell

      KKb1973, It’s great to see you here! That’s a huge compliment, THANK YOU!! Can’t wait to see you on my new website BombshellJanell.Com I promise to add some sexy cigar pics just for you!

  33. vitaly

    A real woman!! And looks better than an 18 year old.. My dream!!

  34. Keep on working, great job!

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