Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Veronica from California

veronicaMeet Veronica, an adorable 26-year-old sister of the leaf from California. She is an intoxicating dame who was born in Los Angeles, California but raised in Guam after her family, who is from the Philippines, moved there before she turned one. One month after her high school graduation in 2006, Veronica and her family moved back to California so she could further her education at California State University, Long Beach where she studied fashion merchandising. She currently works for a clothing trim manufacturer as an Assistant Product Manager.

Veronica’s rich heritage, luring beauty and obsession with cigars make her an irresistible force to gentlemen around the globe. It is rare for a young, beautiful fashionista like Veronica to favor cigars as much as veronicafashion, but that is the case with this cutie.

“Besides cigars, shoes are my weakness,” said Veronica. “Ration wise, in the past month I’ve bought maybe three cigars to every pair of shoes purchases.”

Veronica has been smoking cigars for about two years. One of her guy friends introduced her to the sinful habit and she hasn’t looked back since.

“To be honest, I didn’t really see what the big deal was at first. It was nice but I wasn’t hooked just yet,” she said. “Once I got my new job, a cigar felt so much better after a long day.”

Now, she smokes three to four cigars per week and is fascinated by the culture.

“After growing an appreciation for it, I became fascinated with the whole cigar culture. I’d research etiquette, shapes, sizes, how-to’s, and the likes. Plus, I started to learn what I liked and didn’t like in my cigars,” said Veronica.

veronicaLike most cigar smokers, this lady of the leaf enjoys pairing her smokes with whiskey or coffee.

“My usual was Jameson, but I recently tried Bulleit Bourbon and it’s starting to become my new favorite. I like an espresso with my cigar if I don’t feel like drinking alcohol,” said Veronica.

It is clear that Veronica adds plenty of sex appeal to the leaf with her beautiful eyes, adorable face, and sultry lips, but she is too humble to realize it.

“I don’t feel like I add anything to the industry because I still feel like I’m somewhat a veronicabeginner,” she said. “As far as I know, I’m just another person who enjoys a good smoke.”

She can often be found sunk in oversized leather chairs at cigar lounges around California, most notably Cigars by Chivas in Old Town Pasadena.

“I’m starting to become a regular because it’s five minutes from my house and I love the atmosphere. Their cigar selection is good, workers are friendly and helpful, and the vibe is extremely chill,” said Veronica. “Growing up as an islander, a chill atmosphere with good hospitality means a lot to me.”

Veronica’s two favorite cigars are Padron 1964 and Arturo Fuente Anejo. This gal with expensive taste for cigars favors those two in particular because they are “smooth, burn well and have great body.”

veronicaEven though there has been an increasing number of females smoking cigars and frequenting cigar lounges, Veronica has faced prejudice and negative presumptions because of her gender.

“I have faced a good number of presumptuous people when I go to cigar shops,” said Veronica.

Here is a story she chose to share:

“I used to frequent a cigar lounge in Fullerton, CA called 8Eightyeight Cigar Merchants (a very good lounge in the OC). Most of the workers had known and recognized me when I’d visit. This one day I came in and a new person had started there (maybe been there for just 2 days). I said my usual hellos as I waltzed into the walk-in humidor. New guy comesveronica in to assist me (as is usually customary with a lot of cigar stores/lounges), and in his eagerness to help me with bright eyes, the first thing out of his mouth is, ‘would you like a girly cigar?’ He could have just said the usual, ‘can I help you with anything today?’ or ‘Are you looking for anything in particular?’ but I guess his assumptions got to the best of him (and I guess it didn’t help that I was wearing a dress, maybe). I politely smirked and said, ‘no thank you. Hearing that, he still insisted on helping me and kept assuming that I had no idea what I was doing in there (‘What?! This isn’t a shoe store?!!’).

veronicaHim: “Well, we have this cherry infused one! Or if that one is too big of a smoke, we have these other flavored ones here…and…”

Me: “I think I can take it from here.”

He leaves me be and as I walked out to make my purchase, he continued, ‘Did you want me to cut that for you? Do you know how to light it? Are you sure?’

The other worker, hearing all this couldn’t stop laughing and later told him that I was somewhat of a regular. He couldn’t stop apologizing the rest of my time there. I just smiled at the whole thing as I sat by the bar with my Arturo and whiskey.”




“Once I got my new job, a cigar felt so much better after a long day.”




 “Besides cigars, shoes are my weakness.” 


“I smoke three to four cigars per week.”



“Growing up as an islander, a chill atmosphere with good hospitality means a lot to me.”






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