Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Lauren from South Florida

Lauren MauzyMeet Lauren Mauzy, AKA @L_money27, a beautiful gal of Peruvian and German decent who hails from southern Florida.  This devilish dame is as brilliant as she is beautiful. Lauren is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish, and holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in business and the other in economics. She is an aspiring entrepreneur who is in the process of starting her own business called, Cigars and Fashion.

“I figured it was an easy fit to gear a business to the two things that I am most passionate about – cigars and fashion,” said Mauzy. Hipster

In addition to smoking plenty of cigars, some of her L_money27other passions include reading, sports, fashion, travel, cooking and baking.

This sister of the leaf (SOTL) began smoking cigars just last year, and now breaks ash about six times per week.

“Ironically enough, I attended the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Trade Show (IPCPR) in Las Vegas in 2013 but did not smoke a single cigar while I was there. However, seeing the buzz surrounding the event really piqued my interest in cigars and the lifestyle surround them,” she said.

When Lauren returned home from her expedition, she immediately tracked down a sister of the leaf who she confided in to guide her through the consummation. This SOTL showed her the ropes and walked her through cigar smoking 101.

“My tutor taught me the basics, and in doing so, removed the ambiguity and obscurity that I had associated with cigar smoking,” said Mauzy. “Needless to say, once I tried my first cigar my desire to explore the wide variety of cigars available today and develop my own palate took over, and the rest is history.”

Sizzlin' SundayThere is no doubt that this fashionista brings much needed sex appeal to an otherwise male-dominated industry that is starving for a little sensual eye candy in its testosterone filled lounges.

“Yes, I would say that I add sex appeal to the otherwise male dominated industry, said Mauzy. “However, I would like to think that I add more value than just the addition of a pretty face as there are many beautiful women who smoke cigars.”

Lauren’s greatest desire is to help introduce others, more specifically, women to the enchanted world of cigar smoking.Lauren Mauzy

“I offer a fearless way to ask questions that women may feel intimidated to ask in such a male dominated arena,” said Mauzy. “Ultimately, I hope that I offer an avenue for both smokers and nonsmokers of cigars to appreciate the craftsmanship and power of a great cigar.”

Lauren enjoys traveling and makes it a point to visit cigar lounges around the nation, including Cigar Inn in New York City, Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge in Los Angeles, and The Leaf Cigar Lounge in Atlanta. But, when grounded she frequents Smoke on the Water in Weston, Florida, Cuenca in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Companion Cigars in Miami, Florida.

“A great cigar lounge needs good music, a nice selection of cigars, great drinks, great service and a good cross-section of people,” said Mauzy.

Lauren MauzyLike most cigar smokers, her selection of “favorite” cigars is forever changing, but currently she has been savoring the flavors of Profile by Tacasa, Liga Privada No. 9 by Drew Estate, My Father Cigars, Oliva Serie V Melanio, San Lotano Connecticut and A. Fuent Rosado Gran Reserva.

It is definitely fair to say that Lauren Mauzy deserves the honors of “Cigar Babe” of the week.




Lauren Mauzy

 “Yes, I would say that I add sex appeal to the otherwise male dominated industry.”

Lauren Mauzy

Lauren Mauzy

“Once I tried my first cigar my desire to explore the wide variety of cigars available today and develop my own palate took over.”

Lauren Mauzy



“I smoke six cigars per week.”



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    Still the same sexy girl I grew up with. Congrats and best wishes for your success Lauren!

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    Lauren would love to burn one with you…

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