Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Jenine from Canada

jenine wileyMeet Jenine Wiley, a 32-year-old sister of the leaf from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This smoking beauty has been smoking cigars for the past few years and takes great pleasure in relaxing with a comforting stick to free her mind of the day’s stress.

“I enjoy how they [cigars] seem to just instantly take the stress of the day away,” said Jenine.

Jenine loves to traval. She smokes cigars whenever she is on vacation, but also makes it a point to enjoy an occasional stick during a girls’ night out.

“I Smoke cigars whenever on vacation and on the occasional girls night out,” Jenine said.

Among her favorite vacation destinations are Paris, Monaco, Las Vegas and Phoenix. She is also a big sports fan with football and hockey topping her list.jenine wiley

It is no secret that Jenine brings plenty of sex appeal to the leaf with her adorable face and killer body, but this hottie is rather humble regarding her sultry appearance.

“I think men have done an amazing job at keeping the industry sexy. It’s the men that originally draw us ladies in; however, we soon realize that cigars become our first love,” said Jenine.

Jenine  is a pleasant treat at her local cigar lounges, especially her favorite haunt, La Tienda.

“The best place in Edmonton is a little place called La Tienda,” she said. “The clientele is amazing, all sorts of colorful characters. You can sit outside and watch the world pass you by and share amazing stories with people you otherwise may have never met. It’s a great place to take clients as well. Being is sales its always great to spend time getting to know your clients outside of the chaos of the jenine wileyoffice.”

Jenine loves to talk about her most memorable cigar experience from several years back.

“My most memorable cigar was from two summers ago in Monaco. The combination of the sea air and the cigar smoke was a devine combination,” said Jenine.

When it comes to cigar pairings, Jenine loves to pair her sticks with a smoky scotch or a dark roast coffee.jenine wiley

Jenine will be traveling to Cuba in January to experience the culture surrounding cigars.

“I am  looking forward to experiencing the culture and of course some amazing cigars in Cuba,” she said.



Jenine Wiley

Jenine Wiley

jenine wiley

jenine wiley

jenine wiley

jenine wiley


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