Sizzlin’ Sunday – Featuring Christina from Florida

christinaMeet Christina, an extremely sexy gal of Mexican descent who is originally from south Texas. This smoking beauty, who now lives in northern Florida, was first introduced to cigars many years ago by a Navy veteran she calls ‘an old friend.’

“I am very new to the world and lifestyle of cigars,” said Christina. “I got my first taste of a cigar years ago when a retired Navy friend had me try one.”Christina

Fast forward to 2013 and Christina was reintroduced to the leaf by another Navy officer. This ex-beau rekindled a flame that ignited a true romance between Christina and cigars.

“I didn’t try a cigar again until 2013 while dating a Navy guy and then picked up the habit this year,” she explained.

Today Christina takes great pleasure in relaxing with a comforting stick as often as she can. While not a frequent flyer at cigar lounges, she loves to puff on her stogies while basking in the great outdoors.

Christina“I enjoy a cigar outside on my porch, at the park or elsewhere in a relaxing atmosphere,” Christina explained.

People smoke cigars for various reasons. For Christina it is the aroma and flavor that releases her inhibitions.

“I still have a lot to learn about cigars but what I enjoy most about them is the smell of the cigar before it is lit and its taste,” she said.

When it comes to cigar pairings, Christina loves to pair her sticks with red wine, most notably, red blends.Woman in red dress and cigar

It is no secret that Christina brings plenty of sex appeal to the leaf with her adorable face and killer body, and this hottie is not shy about her sultry appearance.

“Most definitely,” she responded when asked if she adds sex appeal to the cigar industry.

Christina went on to say, “My favorite quote applies to this question. ‘Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.’”

ChristinaBesides smoking cigars, this dazzling dame enjoys spending time with family, exercising, outdoor activities, traveling and everything vintage – especially clothes.

“I love vintage attire for vintage glamour night with the girls or rocking vintage attire during the work week,” Christina said.

It is definitely fair to say that Christina deserves to be this week’s Sizzlin’ Sunday Cigar Babe of the week.

“I was surprised to see the diversity of women who enjoy smoking cigars,” Christina explained. “I thought it was ‘men only’ but it is not.”



Christina with cigar

 “What I enjoy most about cigars is the smell of the cigar before it is lit and its taste.”


“I was surprised to see the diversity of women who enjoy smoking cigars.”

rollers n cigar

“I am not a daily smoker but I enjoy a cigar on occasion.” 





“I most definitely add sex appeal to the industry.”


“I am very new to the world and lifestyle of cigars.”


“I love to pair my cigars with red wine, especially a red blend.”

red dress cigar

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