Six Point Resin

resinIf you crave hops then Six Point Resin is the brew for you. It opens with a sweet malted taste then erupts with a potent burst of hops on the finish. I love the long-lasting after taste that captivates the palette. Mouth-watering scents of citrus, malts, pine, resin, caramel and apricot permeate throughout. Six Point Resin is a full-bodied bomb squeezed into a sleek and slender 12 oz. can that is oh so drinkable. Pour into a pint glass to reveal the stunning bronze tinge and dramatic frothy head or guzzle from the can, either way produces a satisfying experience.

A perfect pairing for this brew is the La Gloria Cuban Serie R Maduro, but be warned: the combo of stogie and brew has the potential to put you on your ass. Bottoms Up.


Brwed by Sixpoint brewery, Brooklyn, NY, United States

9.1% alcohol by volume

Available year round in cans or draft

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