Sindicato by Sindicato Cigars – Corona Gorda

sindicatoA deep, complex smoke loaded with delicious flavors.

The Sindicato by Sindicato Cigars is the company’s newest release and is considered to be the company’s flagship offering. It is the fourth release in the company’s brief two-year tenure. Sindicato is a unique company in that it is comprised of many ‘investors’ (retailers across the country) led by a Board of Directors, CEO and President.

The Sindicato is a Nicaraguan puro blended by the infamous Arsenio Ramos at the Casa Fernandez factory in Estelí, Nicaragua with tobaccos from the Fernandez farms.

I was first introduced to this high-class dame a couple of weeks ago when Jim Colucci, CEO of Sindicato Cigars gifted her to me. She is sleek and sensual, a proper lady in all facets of the imagination. She presented herself with pride and dignity from the moment we laid eyes on one another. Her elegance radiated from her silky, Colorado-colored wrapper that glistened from a slightly oily flesh, which revealed small veins and visible wrapper seams from head to foot. Her 5 1/2 x 48 box-pressed frame was flawless. It was firm and silky smooth with no soft spots.

She was wearing a unique, limited shade grown Corojo Jalapa wrapper from the Fernandez farm that eloquently concealed double binder leaves from Esteli. Her fillers were from the Esteli and Jalapa regions of Nicaragua.  Sindicato’s unique wrapper is what sets her apart from her foes. It is rare and flavorful – a dynamite duo that is hard to resist. She had a triple cap that was topped off with an adorable pig tail to complete her look. Plus, she was accessorized perfectly with a beautiful black, silver and gold band that had her name “Sindicato” blazoned across her chest. Sindicato is a bit of a fashionista, if you will.

This fashionista’s pre-lighted perfume was intoxicating. Her luring aromas of sweet spice and cedar aroused my inhibitions for sure. The pungent fragrances from her foot were even more stimulating – barnyard, sweet spice, cedar and nuts. Unable to tame my vivacity, I whipped out my cutter and grabbed my lighter, for I was about to unearth a treasure trove of pleasure.

After a quick snip of her cute pig-tailed cap I gently massaged her closed foot with soft butane to prime her for action. At this point, she was fired up and ready to play.

Our initial kiss was full of pepper and spice. I wasn’t expecting so much ‘tude from such an elegant, classy lady, but I suppose it stems from her closed foot. The closed foot is an extension of the wrapper and the initial few puffs pack more punch from the peppery wrapper leaf. Her ‘tude quickly eased up to reveal a pleasant early start to an evening built on anticipation. She started to offer me a very tasty sweet spice that coupled beautifully with cedar and nutty flavors that started to peepsindicato into the profile. She definitely started our night with more body than strength and I feel she falls into the mild-medium strength category right now.

This well-constructed dame had an excellent draw that produced plenty of smoke. The plumes of smoke filled the air with amorous clouds of bliss. Her burn was razor sharp and her salt & pepper ash was admirable – slightly loose but no flaking. I did have to re-light her once but I think that is because she was jealous that I wasn’t paying much attention to her at one point. I was smoking her while I was a guest caller on the radio show, “Over A Cigar”. She must have played a hurtful game of revenge on me for ignoring her. Women – what are we going to do with them?

The second third of our evening went as expected. Her strength started to creep up a bit to the medium to full range while her flavor profile remained full. She was a complex damsel that continued to offer sweet spices, cedar, and nuts with a slight peppery backdrop. The pepper definitely mellowed out at this point and morpheded its way into a well-balanced profile. I also started to notice a bit of leather on Sindicato’s breath here in the second third of our tryst. Her finish was very favorable. She had a lingering finish that blanketed my palate with delectable flavors of tobacco, nuts and sweet spice.

During the final third of our rendezvous, Sindicato’s strength definitely ramped up to a level close to full. She was starting to pack a bit of a punch, but nothing over-the-top. Her nutty flavors were moving to the forefront during this stage of the night with the cedar and sweet spice falling to the background. Despite the change, the flavors still remained very pleasant and enjoyable. I also tasted some aged tobacco and leather mixed with the cedar and spice that has been present all along.

I truly enjoyed my time with Sindicato. She was an outstanding cigar that was loaded with plenty of delicious and complex flavors. Her flavors had plenty of depth and character as they coated my palate with a great balance of wood, nuts, pepper and spice.  I think this is a good smoke for those looking to upgrade from a mild stick but an experienced smoker would absolutely love this cigar and appreciate the rich, complex character that a lesser experienced smoker may overlook. This would be a cigar that I would smoke late afternoon or early evening.


Made by Sindicato Cigars at Casa Fernandez Factory

Wrapper: Shade Grown Corojo Jalapa, Nicaragua

Binder: Double binder – Esteli, Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaraguan – Jalapa and Esteli

Strength: Medium – Full

Price: 10.95 USD

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  1. The burn of this cigar continues to be just right and the retrohale has a profile of earth and cocoa with a mild persistent note of pepper.

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