Royal Gold Cigars, Kismet – Luck (6×50)

Royal Gold KismetA boring cigar that lacked complexity and excitement that I wouldn’t go out of my way to find

From Royal Gold Cigars website:

“Produced by the Augusto Reyes Family at Corporacion Cigar Export in Santiago, DR – Kismet is a true labor of love.  It is a Dominican PURO (all Dominican tobacco) using six different tobaccos grown by the Reyes family at various locations in the Dominican Republic.

The blend takes full advantage of the varied climates and rich soils of this beautiful country. Kismet is an Urdu word meaning fate or destiny.  When we visited the CCE factory and smoked this wonderful puro, it was as if everything had lined up perfectly, as if it was destined to be ours!  And hence KISMET was born.  We are sure that whatever your fate or destiny is, KISMET cigars will be there to enjoy the moment with you.”

I was looking forward to my date with Kismet the other night since I enjoyed keeping company with her sisters, Casino Gold and Nirvana, but it turned out that she and I  were definitely not ‘destined’ for one another. She looked good when I picked her up from the humi. She was constructed in my favorite vitola, toro (6×50) and her body was pretty damn hot. She was aRoyal Gold Kismet Dominican puro clothed in a smooth, slightly oily and rare 2006 Dominican Corojo wrapper that sported plenty of tiny veins and nice, clean seams. Her radiant band added a little extra glow to her already captivating appearance. Her inner offerings were made up of a variety of Dominican fillers enveloped by a Dominican binder. Her pre-lighted aroma of cocoa, spice, cedar, coffee and sweet tobacco was intoxicating and irresistible, but that is where the excitement ended.

I cordially greeted her with a smooth clip of the cap and a gentle massage of her foot with my warm triple-flamed lightation device. The first few puffs were a little spicy but very creamy. My palate was also coated with cocoa, sweet tobacco and a hint of cedar. Intriguing? Not at all. In fact, Kismet opened our date rather bland. Her kisses did offer a bit of flavor, but they didn’t excite me like other Latinas that I have been with lately. Her flavors sound savory, but something about them did not mesh well.  I usually love the taste of sweet tobacco coupled with cocoa and cedar, among other flavors, but these flavors were a bit off. Kismet didn’t taste bad, it just was not exciting.

Kismet’s profile stayed the same with each and every kiss throughout the first third of our tryst. But, as we continued to keep each other company in my cigar cave, she started to add a little somtin’ somtin’. The creaminess in her kisses started to intensify while the spiciness started to mellow out quite a bit.

Despite her thick, creamy breath, so far this Latina’s personality doesn’t match up with her bodacious body. Her construction looked good from afar, but her burn was terrible. The char line was very erratic, never straight, and never sexy. Her ash was a nice dark charcoal color that held on for about two inches, but it lacked the sex appeal of a typical Dominican ash. It was also rather loose and flaky at times during our rendezvous. On the upside, her draw was good and I like the fact that she released plenty of Royal Gold Kismetsmoke, especially when I got her going after a few sensual puffs.

At this point (2nd third) I was getting a bit bored with this gal. The second third of our date didn’t do much for me at all. Most of her spice had disappeared and cocoa and cedar were now the dominant flavors saturating my palate. She remained sweet and creamy but they lacked the ‘wow’ factor that I was looking for. Her flavors were there, but they were a bit bland and unresponsive. Her finish was short and her strength was at a solid medium.

What a flop Kismet turned out to be. The final third of our evening couldn’t speed by fast enough. She was starting to burn hot, her flavors started to taste harsh and bitter at times and her spicy ‘tude reappeared during the final stage of our performance.  And to make matters worse, her strength started to ramp up a bit to a medium-full level that totally through me for a loop.

I found Kismet to be a rather boring date with a bland flavor profile. I think the biggest disappointment for me was that her flavor profile did not match the exquisite exterior of this dame. With that said, she wasn’t the best date, but not the worst either. I have kept company with some pretty terrible gals, let me tell you.

Kismet wasn’t oozing with irresistible flavors but she was tolerable into the final third untilRoyal Gold Kismet the burn started to become too hot. I wouldn’t go out of my way to seek out Kismet, but if someone were to offer her to me again I would probably give her another whirl even though I did smoke two for this review with almost identical results. I found that she lacked the complexity and the “wow” factor that I look for in today’s cigars. There are too many great cigars on the market to waste my time and money on a mediocre cigar.


Royal Gold Cigars

Blended by Augusto Reyes

Wrapper: Dominican 2006 Corojo

Binder: Dominican

Fillers: Dominican

Strength: Medium

Price: $7 USD

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