Royal Gold Cigars – Gold Strike – Toro

gs2Looking for the perfect, everyday smoke? Look no further – you just found her – Under $2 per cigar, Gold Strike is the absolute perfect bundled cigar for the everyday smoker. A great value for sure.

Gold Strike is a mixed-filler cigar, often referred to as a ‘Cuban Sandwich’, which means it is constructed of both long and small fillers.  Gold Strike is hand rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua at J.C. Newman’s Nicaraguan American Cigars (NACSA) factory.  

My normal rotation does not include bundled cigars, but I do smoke them from time to time, primarily so I have a frame of reference for reviews like this, and I am constantly asked for recommendations for an everyday smoke by novice smokers. The everyday smoker usually has his or her go-to cigar but if I may, please give this one a shot because you will definitely be pleased with the flavors and construction.

The outer appearance of this cigar reminded me of the ‘jeans and T-shirt’ chicks found in my favorite shot-and-beer joints sprinkled around the Tri-State area.  A little rough, yet desirable – not an ounce of elegance in her wardrobe.gs1

When I approached her, she was dressed in a medium to dark brown Indonesian Sumatra wrapper that, shall we say, looked unpolished. She didn’t sport any oil and her body was firm, but rough. I guess every broad can’t be a glamour model, can they? Sometimes we need that unrefined gal to keep us humble. She sports a Besuki binder (from East Java Province in Indonesia) and Nicaragua fillers.

Even though she is not one of the prima donnas that I am used to, I still approached her with care. Because of her mixed fillers I decided to use a punch rather than a straight cut just in case she was a little ‘loose’ and wanted to disrobe upon first contact.

I immediately inhaled a rush of earth, chocolate and a slight floral spice mixed with a little cedar. It is very rare that a ‘Cuban Sandwich’ offers so many delectable aromas, never mind a $2 bundle cigar. Already I can tell that this is not going to be a typical $2 cigar. 

The initial puffs were ok, nothing special. But as I progressed into the first third with my little starlet, she became more and more gs4intriguing. I started to taste flavors never before experienced in a bundle cigar – earth, chocolate, spice, leather, cedar, a little sweetness. Can a $2 cigar be complex, smooth and delicious? Yep, with the Gold Strike it can.

The draw on this dame was perfect and the char line was as straight as a horny teenager in a cathouse. The ash was white, tight and long – a little over an inch before it fell off. That in itself is a huge compliment to the construction of this mixed filler.

Throughout my affair with this spitfire, her flavors did not change much. There was no dominant flavor that overpowered any of the others. She continued to seduce me with her balance of slightly spicy, earthy, chocolate-filled kisses that reminded me why I like to occasionally prowl my local watering hole for a low maintenance gal who knows how to please a man.

There is no denying the fact that this is a bundle cigar for the everyday smoker. Despite being tasty and smooth, it lacked the ‘WoW’ factor many smokers look for when they sit down at the end of a stressful week for a relaxing pow-wow with theirgs3 friends JD, Johnny and Elijiah Craig. With that said, Gold Strike cannot be beat it terms of value. It’s construction is far better than any other bundle cigar on the market today and its flavors rival those of the more sought after cigars that done the shelves of premium shops.

This is a great cigar for a newbie looking to break into the world of cigars or the aficionado looking for a smoke while doing yard work or another engaging activity that will take his/her mind off of analyzing and savoring distinct flavors.   

gs5Because of the balanced flavors of this cigar and the lack of one over powering flavor over another, this will pair well with pretty much anything. I, for one smoked it while drinking a dirty martini just because I was craving a martini.




Royal Gold Cigars

Wrapper: Indonesian Sumatra

Binder: Besuki (Indonesian)

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Mild-Medium

Price: $25.45 for a bundle of 15 (less than $2 each)

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One Thought to “Royal Gold Cigars – Gold Strike – Toro”

  1. Bob

    I found these gems in a gas station very early in my cigar smoking career just a few years ago. Wow! A great tasting cigar at a great price. Then I found them online even cheaper! I bought them in bundles by the dozens and dozens for a couple years, then all of a sudden I couldn’t find them anywhere. I went as far as contacting the manufacturer as to their status and was told they were out of production. Woe is me! I still miss them more than a year after their disappearance from the market.

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