Rodrigo Habano Clasico – Lancero (7 x 38)

rodrigo2This was my first time trying a Rodrigo cigar and boy am I glad I gave her a whirl. A million thanks to Gary Griffith of House of Emilio for introducing me to this fine, classic cubanesque smoke that is a tribute to the ‘old school’ traditionalist. 

“The Habano Clasico is our foundation… a line that represents traditional cigar making at its best.” – Rodrigo Cigars Website

The story behind Rodrigo cigars is one for the ages – a romantic fairytale of true destiny.

Rodrigo Cigars use “A” grade fillers and binders, which are some of the highest quality tobaccos on the market today, in all of their cigars.

I have been glaring at this long, lean, gorgeous dame resting comfortably in my humidor for a couple of months now, but for one reason or another passed her up until tonight.  She reminded me of a Victoria Secret runway model – tall, slender, sexy and firm. Maybe it was her tall, slender frame that intimidated me. I am more the winner isaccustomed to the thick, plus-sized hotties of my humi. This Lancero features a succulent, light chocolate brown complexion made up of an Ecuadorian Habano/Sumatra hybrid wrapper that shimmers with a seductive sheen of natural oils. Her construction is flawless – well packed with near invisible seems. She is accessorized appropriately with a simple yet classy band that proudly displays her name “Rodrigo” in black writing overtop a light yellow background. Her adorable little nub-like miniature pigtail atop her cap added a unique flare to her irresistible appearance. Her perfume emitted luring traces of toasted nuts and coffee with a light spice. Her cold draw was similar but with a touch of sweet citrus added to the mix.

I could no longer control my urges and decided to make an early first move on this timid temptress. I gently clipped her cap with a simple straight cut and lightly warmed her foot with a soft flame. A couple of tender puffs immediately got her fired up and ready to play.

The first third of our night moved smoothly. Her sweet kisses revealed toasted nuts, almonds perhaps, with coffee and a light spice. Subtle notes of citrus and floral peeked in as well. Her draw was absolutely perfect, revealing a mouthful pigtail capof delectable smoke free of any lingering harshness. Her kisses finished short and clean with a dollop of spice. Her smoke output was on par with most cigars made from premium grade ‘A’ tobaccos – thick and plentiful. And, let me tell you about the ash on this babe – a picturesque mold that was tight, robust and long lasting.

She held nothing back during the second third of our rendezvous, offering me every ounce of flavor she had inside of her. She revealed those same flavors of toasted almonds, coffee, citrus, floral and light spice, but added a bit of cedar to her profile. Her strength was a solid medium and I was blown away with her impeccable balance of flavors. None of the flavors was overpowering another. Each individual flavor was subtle and worked together in complete harmony to create one of the best tasting cigars that I have had in a very long time.

The final third of our evening was memorable, an experience that I did not want to end. This once coy mistress began to exhibit slightly more powerful flavors rodrigo1and gained a little bit in her strength as I approached her nub, a pleasant surprise for an alpha male who likes when a gal plays a little rough once in a while. But, I still considered her of medium strength overall. Nothing really changed in the flavor profile except that she lost a little bit of her sweetness, becoming slightly bolder.

Overall, this lovely Latina was the perfect lady. She was sexy, sweet, tasty and cordial. She was extremely tasty and flavorful, which is common with Lanceros. Her balance of flavors was absolutely astonishing. No blonde bimbo jokes for this gal because she was full of depth. An immensely enjoyable balance of subtle flavors worked in concert to produce a memorable evening for my palate. The Lancero vitola is typically a true showcase of a blender’s artful talents and this Rodrigo Habano Clasico is an irresistible Lancero to say the least. Rodrigo created on cask barrellthe perfect Lancero blend – sweet, subtle and coy.

I paired my Rodrigo Habano Clasico Lancero with Jack Daniels Single Barrel bourbon. This pairing created the ultimate ménage a trois. The bourbon brought out an immense amount of sweetness that left the most delectable aftertaste on my lips that I have ever experienced. There was something about this pairing that complimented each other like no other pairing that I have had before. I highly recommend this duo for your next daring rendezvous.


 Made by Rodrigo Cigar Company

 Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano/Sumatra Hybrid

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Medium

Price: $6 USD


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