Rodrigo Cigars – La Fortaleza – Elegante (6 ¾ x 48)

la fortaleza6“It’s gorgeous. The black and silver band, the natural dark Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper – It all plays well to the senses and when you see the cigar you can’t help but reach for it.”        – George Rodriguez, founder of Rodrigo Cigars

I have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with Rodrigo Cigars. I have tried each of the three blends and can honestly say they are all outstanding. Each blend brings unique characteristics that make me say, “WoW”.

Today’s review is of the La Fortaleza Elegante – the stronger, full-bodied and full-flavored member of the Rodrigo family.

‘Elegante’ is the absolute perfect word to describe this full-flavored Latina. She is a strikingly elegant lady of the leaf who has the rare characteristics of being drop-dead gorgeous and extremely tasty. She wears a stunning, dark chocolate brown wrapper fashioned from the Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf. Her firm 6 ¾ x 48 body is sleek, slender and eye-catching. Her body flaunts small sexy veins that beautifully accentuate her dark, oily complexion that is silky-smooth to the touch. Her upper extremity boasts a classy, fashionable and extremely sexy black and silver band that highlights the traditional Rodrigo logo. Her pre-lighted perfume is of leather, barnyard and sweet tobacco – very inviting aromas.

This irresistible dame invited me back to her place with a promise to deliver a tasty evening that I would la fortalezanever forget. And boy did she deliver. I started the night in typical Ol’ Ash fashion by gently snipping her pig-tailed triple cap and lightly massaging her foot with warm butane. I quickly moved in with unforgiving kisses that really fired her up and primed her for action. I was immediately greeted with her sweet tobacco flavors that blended nicely with mild pepper, leather, and traces of cocoa. As we continued with our sweet and spicy smooches, she started to include notes of cedar into our affair. Despite offering me such erotic flavors so early in our tryst, this bombshell was no floozy; she made me work for every ounce of flavor I drained from her with a relatively tight draw.

As our desire for one another increased so did her flavors. Working my way down her body to the second third I started to taste coffee notes on my palate. Her peppery ‘tude started to fade, but was still present along with the sweet tobacco and cedar blend. She was definitely enjoying our time together just as much as I was because her draw opened up offering me more of her bold, rich flavors that really got me going. Her thick, amorous screams of smoke echoed in my cigar cave like the roar of a tigress. At this point her gorgeous, light charcoal colored ash was on display for all to adore. It was tight and firm. The char line on this well-constructed lady was straight and consistent throughout the entire affair.

la fortaleza3The final third of our night was magical. Her flavors started to get a bit bolder and her strength started to creep up. But, I still didn’t find her to be a full strength powerhouse but more on the upper medium echelon. Her flavors started to change a bit again. During these final moments together she offered me everything she had, erupting with earth, barnyard, wood, toasted nuts, sweet tobacco and pepper. Yes, her peppery ‘tude came back but not to the point where I wanted to kick her out of bed. Her rich, complex flavor profile was memorable to say the least. I was absolutely blown away by this Latina’s complexity.

My final opinion of this heartthrob is ‘WoW’. This Latina really knows how to please a man. Her body is flawless and well-constructed and produced an even char line from head to foot. Her smoke output was ideal and her blend was a nice balance of rich, complex flavors that were absolutely mouthwatering. I found the strength not quite full, but more on the upper medium end of the scale, but she did pack a nice punch of Vitamin N. My one caveat is her relatively tight draw in the beginning, but after our foreplay she opened up a bit.

I paired this gal with a Jack Daniels Select Single Barrel bourbon. The combination was ideal. The sweet bourbon complimented the sweet tobacco perfectly and kept my mouth completely satisfied in between puffs.


Made by Rodrigo Cigarsla fortaleza5

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Upper medium – full

Vitola: Elegante 6 ¾ x 48

Price: About $8 USD

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  2. […] perfect. The woody, sweet tobacco notes of the whiskey complimented the Habano Clasico and La Fortaleza cigars […]

  3. […] perfect. The woody, sweet tobacco notes of the whiskey complimented the Habano Clasico and La Fortaleza cigars […]

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