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GTO CigarsA well-balanced full-bodied, full-strength cigar that is satisfying and savory.

From GTO Cigars website:

“GTO Cigars is a small batch, boutique manufacturer who meticulously scrutinizes each cigar leaving our factory at Tabacalera GTO Dominicana. We control every step of the cigar manufacturing process from the plating of the ‘Piloto Cubano’ seeds in the fertile soil of the Valle del Cibao to selecting, growing and then cultivating the tobacco plants to the fermentation and aging of the tobacco leaves. Our rollers are some of the most experienced in the Dominican Republic. We produce a small line of exquisitely made premium cigars and craft them in small batches.”

I was introduced to the Pain Killer about two months ago when her father, Oscar Rodriguez, sent her over to me with warm wishes and permission to indulge.

GTO Cigars Pain Killer

So there we were, just she and I nestled in my cigar cave ready to party. To make our consummation celebration that much more special, I decided to add a dram or two of Woodford Reserve Bourbon into the mix to create an extraordinary ménage a trois.

Pain Killer greeted me wearing her birthday suit – a stunning, well-aged Select Dominican Maduro leaf that was dark chocolate brown in color. She was bathed in natural oils and sported a couple small, but sexy veins and near invisible seams. The 5 x 52 firm, well-constructed body on this temptress was irresistible, and her pre-lighted perfume of earth and leather lured me in like the bedroom eyes of a jezebel. Her foot emitted similar, but more pungent notes.

Underneath her wrapper sheGTO Cigars Pain Killer was packing a Dominican-grown, Cuban-seed binder that enveloped Dominican Ligero fillers. Her mere beauty left me impatient and her tender emotions cried out for lovin’. So, without further hesitation I whipped out my cutter and gently snipped her cap before massaging her foot with warm butane. My stimulating foreplay got her fired up and ready to play.

This Latina was a goddess of lust, a true pantomime of desire hand rolled into one finely crafted Dominican Puro.

However, don’t let the coy exterior of this seductress fool you. Her girl-next-door appearance belies a gal full of flavor with a full dose of strength. Upon our initial kiss, she immediately released a yelp of thick smoke that filled the air with plumes of her sweet breath that danced about. Her opening smooch was rich and robust, a memorable moment that tasted of hickory and earth, with an abundance of dark roast coffee that dominated our highly anticipated first kiss. None of her opening flavors was overpowering by any means, but rather an affable passage to a rich, complex flavor profile that escalated as the evening progressed. She even sneakedGTO Pain Killer in a little peppery spice here in the opening moments of our affair. I love when my Latinas bring a little spicy ‘tude’. It adds to the enjoyment of the evening.

The construction on my mistress was to die for. She was flawless from head to foot. Her smoke output was incredible and its aroma was intoxicating. Her straight char line was impressive and the ash it produced was firm, dense and dark-charcoal in color. The draw was perfect and it smoked cool throughout the experience.

As I worked my way down the body of my gal and into the second third of our tryst, I found her flavor profile enticing. Dark roasted coffee flavors clearly dominated with hints of cocoa GTO Pain Killer Robustoand caramel sweetness added to the mix. Her strength increased closer to full at this point and her finish left me crying out for more.

As the final third approached, our kisses became more intense and passionate because we knew our time together was limited.  She continued to coat my palate with dark roast coffee and earth, but she also slipped in a little bit of leather for a playful surprise. And. her spicy ‘tude’ reappeared with noteworthy prominence. I guess she grew a bit feisty as we became more comfortable with each other’s desires. Her closing offers were full of strength and body as I kept company with her until her nub became too small to hold.

In conclusion, this Dominican Puro was a semblance of a maiden born to satisfy her man – well-balanced, smooth, flavorful and worthy of a second date, perhaps even a third or fourth. She was full of strength and body during the second portion of our tryst but wasn’t over-the-top where she nuked my palate or challenged my ability to handle her. I highly recommend the Pain Killer by GTO to those who enjoy full-bodied, full-strength cigars that offer more flavor than strength.




GTO Cigars – Tabacalara GTO Dominicana

Wrapper: Dominican Select Aged Maduro

Binder: Dominican grown Cuban-seed

Filler: Dominican Ligero

Strength: Full

Price: $8 USD

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