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bobby rioBobby Rio, a New Jersey native, is the web’s ‘Master of Seduction’ and founder of Every male fantasizes about finding, catching and keeping the girl of his dreams, the perfect trophy wife to display at cigar parties and tobacco shops. Bobby Rio was once that guy. An ordinary, shy, and reserved fella dreaming about bedding the Ultimate gal, until one day he decided to sac up and seize the world by its nads and snatch the trophy he had so desperately wanted. And that my friends, was the birth of in 2005.

“I knew there were millions of guys out there just like me that were searching for their dream girl, tired of being rejected with bogus excuses,” said Rio. “I wanted to show those guys that I felt their pain and I wanted to share my discoveries so they, too, could start enjoying life. I went through the same struggles myself.”

Rio started to share his secrets with guys around the world. He wanted an outlet to preach, to help, to transform lives. Now, nearly 10 years later he has become one of the web’s most coveted alpha males to date with two of the industry’s hottest selling products including “Magnetic Messaging”, the best selling program throughout the world for text messaging. When he speaks the world listens and his articles, rio story2reviews and products have been regurgitated and plastered on thousands of websites.  He has changed the lives of countless men all over the globe by exposing temptations that women can’t resist. His universal charm has transformed shy and socially awkward ninnies into studs who have girls offering them their bras. It’s true I saw it before my own eyes.

“Guys need to understand what creates attraction in a woman,” said Rio. “Creating attraction hinges a great deal on your ability to ‘flirt’ with a girl, create a connection and spark sexual desire.”

Rio added, “You can’t come on as the ‘fun guy’, ‘the friend’, or the sexual ‘creep’ but rather all three mixed together to hook up with your girl.”

Rio gathers extensive research through surveys, real-life testimonials and one-on-one counseling with students to create his products. They are based on real-life problems with real-life solutions that have been proven to work.

rio story“The combination of coaching and interacting with guys daily and surveying the ones I can’t personally talk to gives me what I need to create products that will solve problems,” said Rio

I’m proud to say that Bobby Rio has been a close friend of mine since we were in diapers. We learned how to walk, talk, smoke cigars and pick up chicks together and he is still a regular attendee at all of my Ultimate Cigar Parties. He is big time now so he always has a super premium stogie locked between his lips, but I must say, he always brings me whatever he is smoking, which is awesome because it makes me feel like a big shot, too.

Bobby loves Arturo Fuente cigars and he is always puffing on the acclaimed Anejo or Opus X. So of course, he is always welcomed at my Ultimate Cigar Parties especially since he brings at least two of everything that he plans on smoking that night. He also has a love affair with the Liga Privada by Drew Estate, which happens to be my all-time favorite stogie. There is nothing tastier than a No. 9 paired with a fine Macallan single malt scotch while having hot chicks rip off their panties and shove them down your pants.

Rio has perfected the age-old art of seduction and it is absolutely mind blowing watching him work his magic. He is the f’ng man. The two of us were at a bar not too long ago in NYC and he had hot girls buying us drinks. Amazing. As you can imagine, that night ended well. Bobby Rio is hands down, the perfect guy to sit down with and enjoy a smoke together because he will blow your mind with his stories. Ask him about our times in Brazil, ooooooohhhhhhhhh baby, be prepared to have your doors blown off by those stories.

His products outstretch the globe with Magnetic Messaging being his Ultimate best seller. In fact, it is the best selling product of all time, out performing and out selling every other similar product on the market. His other top selling product is called “Make Small Talk Sexy”, a CCUnlocked-Bobby-Rio-630x315program about improving conversation and learning how to flirt. His latest product, which will not be released to the public until spring of 2014, is called “Unlock her Legs” a seductive scrambling technique to enter the mind of the woman you always deemed ‘unreachable’. Look for that review in the coming days.

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