Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak Scotch

macallan-18-year-sherry-oakThis is my favorite scotch by far. And, it is well received and often celebrated by connoisseurs, anoraks, and scotch geeks alike.

I was first introduced to this ultra smooth, ultra flavorful scotch a few years ago at my the Grand Opening party of my sister’s newest hair/beauty salon called Northern Lights Salon. A good friend of hers bought her a bottle for the special occasion. She wouldn’t touch a glass of scotch if her life depended on it, so she allowed me and a couple of my buddies in attendance to do the honors. Needless to say, we christened the party by firing up a couple of premium stogies and a few glasses of Macallan 18.

 The Macallan 18 has a consistent level of quality coupled with a popular, old-world style of cask aging – all sherry that make this scotch a standard favorite among even the whisky elite.

Every time I drink this Macallan 18, always neat by the way, I am blown away by its smoothness and flavor profile.

It’s a beautiful, silky nose with pristine sherry character and perfectly aged malt. I sense notes of vanilla oak and wood shavings with bursts of fruits, more specifically strawberries and raspberries. There are also notes of apple blossom and cut flowers lingering about.

I rested my Liga Privada No. 9 cigar for a moment to take a sip of this liquid gold.18-year-header

The palate is as silky and smooth as the nose and quite sweet and rich in taste. No burn at all, as smooth as any scotch that I have ever tasted. The body is complex and really tantalizes the taste buds. The fruits and sherry from the nose immediately dance about on my palate with subtle hints of cigar tobacco and smoke, which make this a perfect pairing for most cigars, especially my Liga Privada No. 9. I also taste vanilla and a bit of apple mixed in.

The warm, heavy finish lingers for quite some time, leaving behind a taste that is full of solid sherry and a bit of tobacco, chocolate and dried fruit that doesn’t want to go away. Mmmmmmmm, I love it. 

This is a very pleasant, beautiful sipping dram that I would love to drink all the time, but because of its hefty price tag, it is most often reserved for special occasions – the Grand Opening party of my sister’s next beauty salon perhaps. It is well balanced with nothing out of place or overpowering.

This dram paired perfectly with my Liga Privada No. 9. What a momentous pairing. One of the most sought after scotches paired with an extremely rare, highly sought after cigar. This night was heavenly.

The Price of a 750ml bottle of the Macallan 18 is anywhere from $160 – $225 USD per bottle depending on where you buy it. The larger distributors tend to sell it closer to the $160 price tag.

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