Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak

macallan-cover-photoThe more I drink Macallan scotch, the more I want to explore their entire portfolio so here is the second of my reviews with more to come.

 This is the sherry wood matured 12 year old, a perfectly balanced affair that is arguably the best of its age group. Absolutely delicious and pairs well with almost any medium – full bodied cigar. I have yet to be disappointed by any of Macallan’s bottling.

 I always find the aging processes of individual spirits interesting and it reveals a lot about the characteristics of the whisky. The Sherry Oak range is aged in Spanish oak casks whose wood has been dried in the north and south of Spain before sherry is aged inside, after which it is sent to the River Spey distillery to be used for the whisky.

 When comparing the Sherry Oak to the Fine Oak, the sherry is lighter in color and the overall taste experience than the FinePicture 155 Oak, though it is considerably spicier.

When I poured the Macallan Sherry Oak into my glass the immediate nose was complex and tainted with sherry, quite crisp and sweet.  I sensed a firm woodiness in the air which had an exotic ‘fruit-like’ flair. Treacle and sherry smoke slowly drifted out of the glass with the firm imprint of wild berries, apple blossoms and tart cherries.  As I let the glass decant, leather scents arose as did a smattering of tea leaves.

After inundating my nose with amorous scents of bliss I put my cigar down for a minute and took a sip of this fine single-malt temptress. I was immediately greeted with heavy sherry smoke that clearly dominated the flavor profile with firm fruity flavors warmly tucked inside the smoke. I also tasted cocoa, leather, dry fruit and the smidgen of tea leaves that my nose picked up before I took a sip. 

Like this cigar I’m smoking, My Father Le Bijou 1922, the palate of this fine 12-year-old single malt is medium-bodied and quite firm. The Macallan 12 year completes its dance with a smooth, long finish filled with a solid oaked taste and unsweetened cocoa in the throat. It left me satisfied until my next sip as the flavors lay on my palate and throughout my mouth. The finish is not nearly as sweet as the delivery, but it is every bit enjoyable.

With every sip, I appreciate more and more the rich complexity and the superior finish this whisky offers. She is so smooth, so macallan-12-published1flavorful and so warm – perfect way to wind down a hectic day. This is my go-to drink for most of my smokes. It is very tasty, satisfying and reasonably priced. The Macallan 18 year is my Ultimate favorite, but is very expensive. From $48 – $60 a bottle, depending where you purchase it, this is a great value for the quality of scotch it delivers.

I paired this Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak Scotch whisky with a My Father Le Bijou 1922 cigar to create a beautiful pair. The tastes complimented each other perfectly to create an Ultimate smoking experience. I believe any medium – full bodied cigar will pair nicely with this Macallan.

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6 Thoughts to “Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak”

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  2. TriMarkC

    I’m just starting to experiment with scotches & whisk(e)ys, having picked up a taste for bourbon in the last couple of years. I also enjoy sherry as a nice nightcap. So I’m thinking this Macallan 12 year Sherry Oak Scotch might be worth a try. Thanks!

    1. George

      This is great scotch. I have drunk quite a few in my day and this is right up there with the best of the best. Enjoy. Bottoms up.

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