Looking for an extramarital affair?

Are you looking for an extramarital affair? Ever think about it? If so, New Jersey is the place to be. More specifically, Bayonne, a small locale in Hudson County nestled just outside of NYC.

AshleyMadison.com, the world’s leading extramarital affair dating website, revealed the top 10 cities in NJ that harbor the most people looking for promiscuous trysts.

According to the website, 613,247 members live in New Jersey with Bayonne taking top honors hosting 52,125 members. What makes that number so astounding is that Bayonne is only 5.6 Sq. miles in total area. And, the total population is only 64,416, according to Google.com. WoW that means that 81% of the city’s total population is prowling the web in search of extramarital affairs.  Of the 52,125 members – 53 percent are male and 47 percent are female.

North Bergen is a distant second with 31,275 users, while 22,076 users are from Newark.  All other cities in the top 10 have less than 20,000 members.

New Jersey may be the country’s Ultimate Party destination for both men and women. According to AshleyMadison.com there is a very close correlation between male and female members, which is great news for males for a couple of reasons. First, men have been tattooed with a long-lasting stigma that we are “pigs”, “cheaters”, “jerks”, etc.  You get the picture. But, according to the website, 45 percent of all New Jersey users are female. So that brings me to the next reason why this is great news more men – The ladies want to play! Married, divorced or single – Welcome to the Ultimate Cigar Party.

The Top 10 Cities

1. Bayonne
2. North Bergen
3. Newark
4. Elizabeth
5. Parsippany
6. Cherry Hill
7. Edison
8. Trenton
9. Paterson
10. Toms River

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  1. Mad Bricky

    What no Chicago? I married an Irish woman, she said,”go ahead and cheat, you have to sleep sometime motherfucker” in reference to the boiling water she poured from a very large pot on her ex husband. Scary shit.

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