La Musa Μελέτη (Melete) – Toro

la musa6An exquisite cigar with a deep, rich and complex flavor profile that can be enjoyed any time of the day and worshiped by experienced cigar smokers.

Named in honor of a dear friend of Gary Griffith, the La Musa (the Muse) line by Emilio Cigars features four distinct blends derived from Greek Mythology. La Mousa, being the original is followed by three other blends named after the original Plutarchian muses: Melete, Aoide, Mneme.

The Melete (Μελέτη) is the first of the three muses released by Emilio Cigars and according to Greek Mythology was the muse to thought and contemplation.

When I opened my humi today the Melete immediately caught my eye. I stared her down like a sculpted goddess in an Athenian museum. This ‘omorfe yenaika’ as the Greeks would say, was wearing a delicious dark chocolate-brown Nicaraguan wrapper with a slight oily sheen throughout. Her firm 6 x 50 body was adorned with a simple white band that proudly displayed her name in the center of the stefani elias that elegantly bordered the perimeter. She was of perfect weight and boasted sexy veins that ran from head to foot.

Curiosity got the best of me and I immediately wanted to learn more about this Greek Goddess, Μελέτη. I quickly discovered that this well-constructed maiden was just as gorgeous inside as she was on the outside. She seductively concealed ala musa2 Nicaraguan binder and fillers that emitted pre-lighted aromas of leather, wood, spices and sweet citrus. Her draw was flawless and inviting.

I decided to spend some alone time with my fair maiden tonight, for she outshone her sisters of the leaf this evening and won over my heart. With a lover’s ardor, I snipped her cap, toasted her foot and primed her for action. She immediately released a yelp of thick creamy smoke that filled the air with traces of her sweet breath dancing about. Her initial kiss tasted of cedar and nuts with notes of sweet citrus that complimented an intriguing spice that coated the palate. It was not an overpowering spice by any means, but rather an affable passage to a unique flavor profile that got better as the evening progressed. She fashioned a razor sharp burn line that produced a striking charcoal-colored la musa3ash that was long and firm. Her strength was medium but boy was she full of flavor.

Our lust for one another started to grow with equal devotion. She opened up her flavor profile during the second third of our date like no other gal has before.  She greeted my soft, methodical puffs with whispers of earth, cedar and chocolate to accompany the existing citrus and spice.  Love can’t exist without honesty and trust and this Nicaraguan puro clearly trusted me by offering an honest flavor profile that was as unique and pleasant as the festival of Venus. Melete’s depth and rich character was like no other that I have experienced before. She was unique, bold and satisfying – the perfect blend. She continued to maintain medium strength but deep, rich character. None of her unique flavors was overpowering the other, blended and balanced with perfection.

The final third of our date was amazing. We had a great close to a memorable evening together. Her flavors pretty much stayed the same but she started to reveal a little more pepper on the finish. Her long lingering finish was a sweet and spicy fusion that was to die for. She continued to produce more flavor than strength.

As darkness started to fall and the nub was getting smaller and smaller, a sudden sadness blanketed my emotions. la musa4For I realized that I would soon have to say farewell to one of the greatest cigars with whom I have ever kept company. My lips pressed firmly against her shoulder as I unwillingly sad goodnight with my final puffs.

In conclusion, La Musa Melete is an incredible cigar with a flavor profile unlike any other. It was indeed the perfect semblance of a maiden willing to satisfy her man. She did not disappoint by any means and lived up to the stellar reputation that Gary Griffith has manifested and continues to exhibit with the Emilio Cigar brand. This is not a cigar that I would recommend to first timers, however, but one that will be adored by experienced smokers who enjoy a full flavored smoke that is deep and rich in character.

la musa7Specs:

Made by Emilio Cigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Price: About $8 USD

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