La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinet – Chisel

La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinet ChiselOne of the industry’s most sought after sticks that is a far cry from your ordinary Cameroon wrapped cigar

From LFD Website:

“Our Cameroon Cabinets are very limited because we only use dark and oily aged Ligero Cameroon wrappers. We blended these cigars with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler and binder.”

The LFD Cameroon Cabinet Chisel is one of the industry’s most sought after cigars because it was once an extremely rare stick. Back in December of 2011 when it was released there were only 500,000 sticks available. Today, because of its high demand, LFD decided to make it a part of the company’s regular production.

In 2012, the La Flor Dominicana earned the #12 spot on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of the Year.

I was introduced to the La Flor Dominicana Cameroon Cabinet Chisel when she was given to me at a LFD event hosted by Senior Juan’s Cigar Shop in Belmar, NJ. She was wearing a striking Cameroon Ligero wrapper that was darker and oilier than most Cameroon wrappers. Her exotic 6×52 body had a nice textured feel with near invisible seams. Her chisel tip was exquisite and her thick flesh was much more durable than most Cameroon wrappers, which are notorious for being fragile and extremely difficult to work with.  Her name was tattooed on an oversized band that blanketed her upper body like an evening gown; however, its lack of color prevented it from standing out.  She emitted a barnyard scented perfume that was absolutely intoxicating, and her foot released luring traces of earth and sweet hay.

I didn’t want to waste any more time ogling her flawless body so I whipped out my cutter and gently snippedLFD Cameroon Cabinet Chisel her cap. Her cold draw was of sweet hay. I then began to massage her foot in a circular motion using soft butane.  Once she was fired up and ready to play, I moved in for the big kiss. After a few soft pecks on her shoulder I continued to progress further into the first third of our evening together. She started the night with a little spicy ‘tude that morphed into cedar and earth. In fact, earth was clearly the dominant flavor during the first third.

I continued to parade around the bar with my prized catch locked between my lips. I noticed a Herradura tequila tasting bar. Of course I was apt to show off my trophy Cameroon Cabinet to the lovely lady offering complimentary shots of Herradura tequila, so I strutted over while taking a few deep puffs from my gal. From that she let out yelps of amorous smoke that was thick, creamy and aromatic.

You should have seen the construction of this LFD. Her body was flawless and her draw was equally impressive. Her combustion was ideal. She maintained a straight, not razor sharp, but impressive char line that produced a gorgeous white ash that was tight and dense. It remained in tack for a good inch to inch and a half before I tapped it off in the ash tray.

The second third of our tryst was the most decadent. She really started to impress me during the second third. This is where I think she earned a spot on the prestigious Top 25 list. Her spice was just about gone with just a trace still lingering. Her prominent flavors of cedar and earth were now joined by roasted nuts and a sweetness that resembled dried fruits and molasses. Her smoke was thick and creamy, enveloping my palate with sweet earthy flavors that linger long after the smoke rolled off my lips. I also started to taste notes of dark coffee, espresso perhaps.

The final third of our rendezvous was very similar to the second third. The spice notes were very faint, lingering in the background with the cedar and earth taking center stage. The savory sweetness from the dried fruit and molasses notes were absolutely delightful.  The nub burned cool with no harsh or bitter flavors to combat my enjoyable experience.

LFD Cameroon CabinetI truly enjoyed this cigar. My experience with LFD Cameroon Cabinet Chisel was a delight. I am not a big fan of Cameroon wrappers so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this cigar, but boy was I fooled. I am so glad I gave her a whirl. This Cameroon wrapper was thicker, darker and more oily than most Cameroon  wrappers. It was a bit stronger as well, due to the Ligero. It is not often you find a Cameroon Ligero wrapper, but LFD nailed it with this blend. For those of you worried about the stigma associate with LFD and their reputation for strong, potent cigars, this may be the cigar for you. It is medium to full in body and strength but it doesn’t nuke your palate or hit you with a Nicotine blast like the other Ligero and double Ligero stick by the company. I suggest you give this cigar a try, especially Cameroon lovers. It was not on the Top 25 for nothing.



Made by La Flor Dominicana

Wrapper: Aged Cameroon Ligero

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Nicaraguanand Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium – Full

Price: About $9 USD

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