Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select

One would never believe that he/she was drinking Jack Daniels if it wasn’t etched on the bottle. This American whiskey is right up there with some of the best stuff that I have drunk.

Jack Daniels has one of the most distinctive flavor profiles in whiskey and this Single Barrel Select easily emerges as the company’s flagship bourbon. Bottled from a single barrel from the Jack Daniel distillery, each barrel is selected by the Master Distiller by its suitability as a stand- alone product before being bottled.

I was given a couple of Rodrigo Cigars from my buddy George Rodriguez, founder of Rodrigo Cigars, and based on the cigars’ flavor profiles I figured they would pair nicely with this JD Single Barrel. And boy was I right. This combination was absolutely perfect. The woody, sweet tobacco notes of the whiskey complimented the Habano Clasico and La Fortaleza cigars perfectly.

My buddies came over for a couple of drinks and smokes a couple of nights ago so I decided to go with this JD Single Barrel Select and Rodrigo’s Habano Clasico Lancero for the pairing of the night.

At first pour, the alluring deep amber, copper-red hued whiskey was a striking, picture-perfect example of liquid gold. The nose was sweet and oaky, reminiscent of my favorite Scotch, Macallan 12 year. A couple of sniffs revealed sweet caramel and vanilla with toasted oak and cedar mixed in with floral notes.

Before we fired up our Rodrigo Lanceros I wanted to take a few sips before blending its body with the cigar. The palate was full, rich and satisfying. I tasted a sweet, delectable whiskey that was unbelievable. As noted above, I would have never guessed thatthe winner is I was drinking Jack Daniels if it wasn’t stamped on the bottle from which I poured. The cigar box tobacco flavor in the whiskey is what makes this the perfect complement to cigars, especially the Rodrigo Habano Clasico line, which is as close to Cuban perfection as one can get. I also tasted toasted nuts with a little bit of spice, but not an overpowering spice that leaves you cringing on the way down, but a smooth sweet spice that left a smile on my face and a thirst for more. I also caught that vanilla and caramel sweetness that I picked up on the nose.

The finish, too, was smooth and palatable. It was long lasting and definitely kept me yearning for more. The finish left notes of citrus blended with a dry, oaky spice on my palate. The oak and spice clearly dominated the citrus but the blend worked harmoniously.

I highly recommend this Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select American whiskey. It is very tasty and smooth, but comes with a hefty price tag. I have seen it sold anywhere from $45 – $60 depending on where you shop. Do not ruin this whiskey by mixing it with cola or other insulting mixers. I have heard and paid witness to horrific encounters of people mixing this bourbon. If you are looking for a whiskey to mix, stick with the old faithful, JD No.7. This Single Barrel is meant to enjoy as a sipping whiskey, neat. Don’t ruin the flavors by watering it down with ice. If you enjoy water with your Scotch or whiskey, then add a drop or two of water but not ice or mixers.

Bottoms up! Enjoy.

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