House of Emilio has re-branded to become Boutiques United

House of Emilio Becomes ‘Boutiques United’
Vineland, NJ (January 18, 2016) – LJ Zucca is proud to announce it’s rebranding from “House of Emilio” to “Boutiques United”.
Effective today Boutiques United, which also launched a new website and corresponding social media accounts, will be the name of the cigar distribution entity moving forward.
“It’s been a banner year for us. This is the next step in our evolution.” noted owner Scott Zucca. “2016 will be amazing and this is just the tip of the iceberg.”
Boutiques United continues with it’s current brand portfolio: Ezra Zion, Nomad Cigars, Emilio Cigars, and 1502 Cigars.
All current sales personnel and logistics will also remain the same.
“It’s real simple. Boutiques United is about making great cigars with great brands and serving our customers well.” added Ezra Zion co-owner Chris Kelly. “This is who we are and what we do everyday.”
Personally I am thrilled at the name change and all the things we have in store for 2016,” said Fred Rewey, owner of Nomad Cigars.
The new website can be found here.
Just launched the Facebook page here.
Oh yea…and of course we have Twitter here.

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