Gurkha Titan XO – Gordo

titan2Relaxing and smooth, a true pleasure stick by all accounts.

This is a mighty vitola, tipping the scales at a hefty 6 x 60, featuring an eclectic mix of ‘vintage’ tobaccos that are bursting with rich, complex full flavors of earth, cedar, coffee and chocolate among others.

This cigar has been released in limited quantities each year since its 2005 inception and has become a favorite cigar among aficionados everywhere.  This perfectly aged bombshell is blended from Nicaraguan, Honduran, Colombian and Costa Rican tobaccos that are each aged five years to deliver the mouth-watering complexity that I fell in love with. I must admit, I have smoked about a dozen of these plus-sized hotties since I was first introduced to them about a year ago. My opinion has stayed the same, they are perfect. Well they better be with a $30 price tag, however usually runs specials on them.

This luscious dame is created by complex layers of rich, smooth silky flavors derived from the vintage tobaccos seductively blended to perfection. She wears a gorgeous five-year-old Costa Rican maduro double wrapper that cuddles a lush blend of Honduran, Dominican and Colombian tobaccos, each aged five years in cedar. Nestled by a tasty Nicaraguan binder, also aged five years, these tobaccos create the Ultimate tryst, offering a burst of toasty, cedary flavors delivered in rich fashion that intensifies throughout the affair.

My pre-lighted romance began when I gently lifted this plus-sized hottie from her bedded position in my humidor and ogled at her dark brown complexion that sported some prominent veins and a sweet smelling aroma that hit the spot. She was firm and ready to party so I toasted her well-packed foot and let her burn.

After a few puffs, she emitted volumes of dense smoke that lasted throughout the affair and tickled my taste buds with hints of coffee, cedar and sweet chocolate. She was coy mistress, very little spice if any, but she did a hell of a job sweetening my palate with a long-lasting aftertaste that reminded me of how good she tasted while she patiently rested between my fingers between puffs.

As I reached her mid-point, the flavor complexity didn’t change much and she remained a smooth, consistent smoke promoting a very easy, smooth draw and a clean burn that formed a firm, dense white ash that lasted almost two inches before resting on my lap. The same flavors of coffee, cedar and chocolate remain, but a little less sweet at this point.

The cedary wood flavor really came on strong during the home stretch but she maintained her upper medium to full bodied strength that has been so satisfying throughout our time together. The burn remains even and the smoke continues to cloud my cigar cave.

Overall, I really like this cigar. It is very smooth and consistent throughout the smoke, which lasted almost two hours by the way, and offers very tasty, well-balanced flavors that satisfy my palate immensely. I recently bought a box on when they were offering a one day sale that I couldn’t resist. Otherwise a box retails for over $400. Out of the dozen or so different blends from Gurkha that I have smoked, this is the only one I like. Actually, I love it. A bit over priced, but otherwise perfect.

I smoked this cigar while enjoying a Manhattan made with Makers Mark bourbon and the two complimented each other perfectly. I also recommend Makers Mark or Gentleman Jack on the rocks. A dark roast coffee would also make for a great pairing with this delicious full-titanbodied, plus-sized hottie knows as Gurkha Titan XO.


Made by Gurkha

Wrapper: Costa Rican maduro, double wrapped, aged 5 years

Binder: Nicaragua, aged 5 years

Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican, Colombian, each aged 5 years

Strength: upper medium – full

Price: $22-$30

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