Genesis – The Project by Ramon Bueso – Toro

I had to give this cigar a try because it was delivered with such tremendous hype and fanfare that it more than peaked my interest. Additionally, many people have compared it to my Ultimate favorite cigar, Liga Privada No. 9, but much more cost effective.

Ramon Bueso, the creator of this lil’ lady known as The Project, has quite a history behind him. His craft began in 1977 where he started working on his grandmother’s tobacco farm in Honduras as a mere pup, rising from farm hand to master blender to factory supervisor. He sharpened his mastery of cigars while working alongside legends, Frank Llaneza and Estelo Padron at the acclaimed Villazon factory where he fashioned some of the world’s most successful blends like Hoyo de Monterrey, Excalibur, Punch and many more.  Genesis – The Project began as an exclusive to the Honduran market, but recently Cigars International and were able to get their paws on a limited supply to be sold in America.

I ordered a 5-pack of these sticks about six months ago and hated them. I couldn’t stand the taste and was ready to give them away to some hapless fool who can’t differentiate a machine-made from a premium hand-rolled cigar. Until something inside me told me to hold on to them and let them rest for a few months. Boy am I glad I rested these girls because they woke up as randy as ever and ready to party.

This scrumptious medium-full bodied gal has a rich, sharp aroma that lured me in from the moment I displaced her from her restful bed today. Her flirtatious scent triggered goose bumps that drove me to gently toast her foot and immediately fire her up. She was elegantly dressed in a dark and inviting triple-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf maduro outer leaf lathered in sensual oils with a Jamastran binder that dutifully secured complex long-fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras, including ligeros, visos, and secos.

My date with Genesis – The Project today went much better than our first meeting. The six month rest did her wonders. This bombshell had a perfect output with a smooth, velvety draw that blanketed my palate with thick, creamy smoke that exuded depths of earthiness with euphoric notes of espresso and chocolate. Her smooth flavors and creamy texture danced in my mouth leaving a rich, long-lasting finish that lingered on my palate long after her smoke left my lips. This Latina’s flavors remained consistent throughout our entire tryst and her firm, alluring ash held on for nearly half the smoke.  The Project is not peppery at all, so smooth, so good.

Ramon Bueso Cigars: Genesis The ProjectI can definitely see why this dame has been compared to my coveted Liga Privada No. 9 because the flavors are almost identical, except that The Project is missing the cedar notes that are apparent in the Privada. Plus, the Liga is much stronger than this coy lady. You will also see a striking resemblance between the two bands, both written in similar fonts and styles.

Genesis – The project is definitely a cigar that I will continue to smoke, but only after she is rested for a few months. I can’t believe the difference between the first time I tasted her and now. However, she is clearly not a Liga, but a stunning runner up. And, the best part about her is that she is a cheap date, a real bargain at $4 – $5 a stick. She is, for sure, the best cigar on the market at this price point. But remember, as of now, she is only sold at and in very limited supply so don’t be disappointed if she is taken by the time you work up the nerve to ask her out.



Made by Ramon Bueso in Honduras

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf triple-fermented maduro

Binder: Honduran, Jamastran

Filler: Honduran,Nicaraguan – Ligero, viso, seco

Strength: Medium – Full

Size: Toro

Price: $4 – $5

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