Ezra Zion – Honor Series FHK – Inspired (5 ½ x 50)

fhk barrelA complex flavor bomb that lives up to Ezra Zion standards of quality and excellence.

The Honor Series FHK was released at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day, 2014 as the year’s first cigar release.

From House of Emilio website:

“The name FHK stands for ‘Fathers of Hoover and Kelly’. Being history buffs we’ve researched our family heritage and were amazed at what we found: war heroes, ministers, statesman, and hardworking entrepreneurs. Chris had the idea to do a tribute to our forefathers who’ve made us who we are today. The idea seemed to click so we went with FHK as a cool way to pay homage to them.”

I met FHK a couple of weeks ago when her father, Kyle Hoover, introduced us. That’s right, Mr. Hoover trusted me with his darling FHK for a wild night on the town. He knew she was in good hands with Old Ash and we hit it off the moment I laid eyes on her.

When FHK greeted me wearing just her deep mocha brown San Andreas Maduro wrapper I knew she was going to treat me right. As I ogled her firm 5 ½ x 50 body I couldn’t help but notice the sexy oily sheen that shimmered off her toothy complexion like a jewel in Ethiop’s ear. She had adorable little veins running from head to foot and her seams were hardly noticeable. She was a typical Ezra gal – beautiful, well-constructed and damn-near irresistible. The gold band that seductively covered her upper body was pure class, an elegant representation of her blood line. A cute tattoo of her name banded her foot to complete her appearance.

After quick introductions and some back-and-forth banter, I learned that her Indonesian binder and Brazilian andfhk plane Nicaraguan filler combination is a unique trait of which she is extremely proud. She is the first one of the Ezra Zion gals to have such an eclectic blend of multi-country tobacco. As we got closer to each other I inhaled her intoxicating scents of earth, wood and espresso. I could no longer control my urges so I whipped out my cutter and gently clipped her triple cap. Her cold draw was a delectable treat of earth, cedar, cocoa and a light spice. I continued my charm by massaging her foot with a soft flame until she was primed for action.

The first third of our date went very well. She started off by producing strong flavors right from the get-go. Our first kiss tasted very much like our pre-light foreplay. She was very earthy with cedar, espresso, and some cocoa mixed in with a subtle white pepper spice that added a little spunk to the mix. The Maduro wrapper and cocoa notes were also leaving a nice sweet aftertaste on my lips after the smoke rolled out of my mouth.

Her construction was typical of an Ezra Zion gal – flawless. The draw was perfect, not too loose like she was giving herself away, but not too tight either where I had to work overtime to taste her flavors. Her burn was cool and consistent creating a razor sharp char line from her foot to the nub. She let out billowing screams of dense white smoke that was rich and delicious. Now let me tell you about this Latina’s ash. It was ‘rumptious’ – thick, tight and white, so tight that it didn’t even flake or crumble when it hit the floor of the ashtray.

Just as I thought our night could not get any better, the second third of our rendezvous surprised me with even more satisfying flavors that bedazzled the pants off me. She created quite a complexity of great tasting flavors. Her body was bold and full of flavor while her strength was more on the medium side. I love when my Latinas pack more flavor than attitude. I get to relax and fhk on bandappreciate their flavors and not have to worry about getting slapped in the face with an unexpected blast of Vitamin N.   As our passion for one another grew, so did her flavors. She started to taste creamy. Plus, she began to get spicier with the pepper starting to ramp up a bit in the flavor profile. However, she did maintain that delectable earthy base that I so loved with the cocoa notes also increasing.

She got even spicier during our night cap. The final third was dominated by her spicy pepper notes that clearly moved to the forefront. And, the finish on my palate is hanging around much longer than it did during the first two thirds of our evening. I guess she wanted to make a statement as we ended our night so I wouldn’t forget her when she was gone. Her breath continued to be creamy with earth and cocoa in the mix. I think I also tasted espresso in some of our final kisses.fhk

In conclusion, I highly recommend this cigar to every smoker out there who loves a bold, full flavored cigar. It doesn’t nuke your palate or kill your taste buds with a pepper overload. The flavor profile blends together beautifully with just the right amount of spicy pepper to add that little ‘kick’ that most of us love. It is a complex cigar for sure and extremely satisfying. I loved the unique blend of Brazilian, Indonesian, Mexican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. They created an eclectic gal who knows how to satisfy her man. Thank you Mr. Hoover for introducing me to FHK I definitely enjoyed my time with her. I’m so excited because I have her taller sister Truth waiting for me in my humidor.

fhk ashtraySpecs:

Made by Ezra Zion Cigar Company at the Placencia Factory

Wrapper: San Andreas Maduro

Binder: Indonesian

Filler: Brazilian & Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Price $9.00

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